Beaufort Castle

Beaufort Castle Luxemburg

Luxembourg is a small but very picturesque area, covered with greenery and ancient castles, many of which are well restored and are now repaired. This makes them one of the most interesting and enjoyable places to visit in the country. One such complex is the medieval Beaufort Castle, which now has no roof, but is still reminiscent of its former glory and power.

Located near the homonymous town in eastern Luxembourg, Beaufort Castle is an ancient complex consisting of the ruins of the medieval castle and the neighbouring castle of the Renaissance. The village itself is a popular tourist destination with a good base swimming pool, camping, youth hostel with countless opportunities to walk through the Mullerthal valley.

Beaufort Castle Luxemburg

Beaufort Castle, often recognized by Burg Beaufort stands east of town Diekirch. The medieval castle was built in the early 12th century, around 1150 as a modest rectangular complex on a wide scale. It is assumed that there was a fort here in the 9th century, which was intended to protect the property of the Abbey Echternach. Even before this, the site was a Roman fort. Beaufort in the 12th century was fortified, but historical sources indicate that in 1192 the ruler of the castle was Walter von Wiltz.

In 1348, by marriage, Beaufort Castle falls under the management of Orley family, which brings substantial extensions and improvements in the construction of the fortress. In 1477, the castle was confiscated by the Emperor Maximilian for treason by Johann von Orly - then owner of the castle. From that moment, Beaufort is in the hands of Johann Bayer von Boppard.

Further, over the centuries it changed ownership several times. Around 1500, the complex passed under the rule of Bernard of Velbrück, and then again through marriage, Beaufort is the possession of Gaspard de Heu. Known as a thief and a supporter of the rebellious Dutch then, in 1593 the castle is revoked.

In the 30 Years War, the Lords of Beaufort were practically ruined and forced to sell their property in 1639 by Johann, Baron Beck, Governor of Luxembourg and King of Spain. He decided that the medieval structure is unworthy to meet his needs and in no way corresponds to his public position, as a result ordering in the vicinity to be buil a new Renaissance palace. Gradually, the old Beaufort was abandoned and began collapsing. Since that time the castle became a sort of hunting lodge and the old structure was used for business and kitchens.

From 1850 Beaufort Castle was declared a protected monument by the government of Luxembourg, this saves it from bomb damage during World War II. At present, it is one of the ancient monuments of the country, available for a token entrance fee. It is interesting to note the places above the entrance to Beaufort, where the soldiers threw pitches at invaders who tried to come in. Very attractive is the torture room, where you can see some original restored instruments for torture.



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16.03.2012 19:37
it was so good. i went with my 98 year old sister yesterday. Fun, it reminded me of the old days.

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