Castles in Germany

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Ansbach ResidenceAnsbach Residence
16 Sept.
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Bückeburg PalaceBückeburg Palace
12 Jan.
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Stolzenfels CastleStolzenfels Castle
12 Jan.
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Castle EckbergCastle Eckberg
The sights of the German city of Dresden are not limited to complex Zwinger, Dresden Royal Palace, the cathedral and the Church of Our Lady and the magnificent [Semper] Opera, located in the heart of the city. On the out...
Water Castle KlaffenbachWater Castle Klaffenbach
The picturesque Water Castle Klaffenbach is located in eastern Germany, 10 kilometres from the outskirts of town Chemnitz. It is one of the finest castles in Western Europe, considered unique historical and cultural weal...
Schonburg CastleSchonburg Castle
A cruise along the beautiful River Rhine in Germany is one of the nicest gifts one can give to themselves and their loved ones. Traveling along the eyesight of a man is surrounded by fertile grape plantations, hills, for...
Falkenstein CastleFalkenstein Castle
The controversial German King Ludwig II had an ambitious plan to erect as many as seven castles in the picturesque Bavarian countryside. But his plan failed and the king left behind the impressive castles [Neuschwanstein...
Castle InglostadtCastle Inglostadt
Castle Ingolstadt, called "New Castle" is one of the most interesting German ancient palaces, turned into museums. Populated at 120 thousand, the German city Ingolstadt is located on the coast of Danube region in Bavaria...
Lingner PalaceLingner Palace
Once a year, beautiful palaces near Dresden [Albrechtsberg Castle], [Eckberg Castle] and Lingner Palace, which are the main architectural feature in the final quarter of Dresden (Loschwitz), have become along with their ...
Linn CastleLinn Castle
Fantastic medieval [Linn] Castle is certainly one of the places which must be visited in Germany. The historical monument is located in Krefeld, located in western Germany North Rhine Westphalia. Area Linn, Which is ...
Furstenberg CastleFurstenberg Castle
[Rhine River] in Germany is one of the most popular tourist destinations. Daily cruises go on the river carrying dozens, even hundreds of tourists from around the world, lured by picturesque scenery, heritage and culture...
Albrechtsberg CastleAlbrechtsberg Castle
Situated on the Elbe River with excellent views across to it and Dresden, the Albrechtsberg castle was built by the Prussian Prince Albrecht (1809-1872). This castle is crucial for the city because it is one of the few b...
Pyrmont CastlePyrmont Castle
In the valley of the river in the German province Eltsbah Rhineland-Pfalz , other than incredibly beautiful natural scenery, you can see magnificent historical monuments. One such castle is Pyrmont, which is located in f...
Hardeg CastleHardeg Castle
Hardeg Castle is located in the German city of Hardegsen which situated in Northeim, which is located in the picturesque region of Lower Saxony. Hardeg is located 15 kilometers northwest of the town of [Gottingen]. O...