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Castle Inglostadt

Castle in Ingolstadt

Castle Ingolstadt, called "New Castle" is one of the most interesting German ancient palaces, turned into museums. Populated at 120 thousand, the German city Ingolstadt is located on the coast of Danube region in Bavaria, just 40 minutes north of Munich.

The castle is called "new" because shortly after it was built in the 15th century the locals decided to name it that way. The name of the castle over five centuries is preserved to this day.

Castle in Ingolstadt

The decision on its construction was taken by Duke Ludwig the Bearded. His goal was to create a beautiful palace in the southern part of town that can meet the requirements of palace life, which at the same time can be a convenient location close to the river.

The white buildings of the building and its red roofs are visible from afar. The facade of the castle is very unusual - the main tower is located diagonally rather than parallel to the opposite side of the building. The interior of the castle is also impressive. The interior design of the building is considered one of the finest Gothic masterpieces.

Since 1972 Ingolstadt Castle is home to the famous Bavarian Army Museum.

Locals joke that if you've ever wondered how big the head of Kaiser Wilhelm or how big is Otto von Bismarck, you must visit this museum, which has exposed helmets, uniforms, weapons and personal belongings of soldiers from various wars . It houses martial equipment dating from the 12th century until today. There are interesting military items from both world wars.

Swords, lances, gunpowder, guns, rifles and many other martial items can be seen on different floors of the popular museum. In fact, it is considered one of the richest military museums in Europe.

The museum tells the detail and the Thirty Years War, and its impact on development in Germany. On the territory of the museum are dozens of handmade chivalrous uniforms.

Entrance to the Ingolstadt Castle is made either in Ludwigstrasse - the main street of Old Town or over the bridge leading to the chateau. To enter the old complex is not required payment of a fee. You can visit the castle from Tuesday to Sunday from 8:45 to 16:30 hours. Entrance to the museum is from 2.50 to 3 euros. In the complex is a place to eat.

Southwest of the castle is the home theater and public library. Nearby is also the Museum of Art.



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