Hengifoss Waterfall in Iceland

The 118-meter Hengifoss waterfall, located in Iceland was discovered by the adventurer Albert Leichtfried, who branded it as "the most crazy ice formation, of which I have climbed in my life". Hengifoss waterfall is another amazing piece of nature in the land of Iceland, this is the third highest waterfall in the country.

When you stand before it, you can not help but feel miniscule in front of the spectacular water drop. Hengifoss is about 35 km from Egilsstaðir. There is a car park, where visitors must leave their cars.

Hengifoss Waterfall in Iceland

Hengifoss was formed in astonishingly beautiful gorge, looking right across the dense forest, and the picturesque lake Hallormsstadur Lagarfljut, which is considered the largest in Iceland. The route to Hengifoss inevitably passes through these beautiful natural attractions.

The forest is one of the favorite places of the local eco-tourists, where there are countless opportunities for long and short climbing. The path leads past the lovely hills of Fjardarheidi and Eglisstadir.

The lake itself is a mandatory stop before you reach the waterfall Hengifoss. Shaped by the power of the glacier, the bed of the lake has for thousands of years been formed at only 100 meters altitude. It is said that in the depths lives a of mysterious monster that sometimes emerges.

Hengifoss can be reached by a small gravel path overgrown with grass. Before reaching the ultimate goal, namely the third largest waterfall in Iceland, the route takes visitors through a smaller but also very beautiful waterfall - Litlanesfoss, whose water poures into a spectacular pool, surrounded by basalt columns.

From this waterfall, there is even a view of the Hengifoss and the powerful roar of the faterfall, set in the unique geological landscape is the only noise that is heard here.

Around a kilometer in the distance, one sees the 118-meter Hengifoss, whose waters are also flocking powerfully in a picturesque basalt pool. The weather here is unpredictable and it often rains, which may frustrate efforts to reach the landmark. The whole transition to Hengifoss and back lasts about 2.5 hours.

The forest Hallormsstadur hand is the largest in all of Iceland. For her, special care is provided by the state forestry. It takes care to protect more than 40 species of trees, gathered from different parts of the world.



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