Dunvegan Castle


Among all the historic mansions in the territory of Scotland, there are hardly any, which resemble the charm of the Dunvegan Castle. This beautiful castle stands on the shore of Isle of Skye, located north of the eponymous small Scottish town Dunvegan. In this northwest area is the Highland and Loch Dunvegan beautiful bay.

Dunvegan Castle is the oldest continuously inhabited castle in Scotland and for over nearly 800 years was the private estate of the MacLeod clan. The name Dunvegan translates as "little castle". In the past five years the little town around the castle has grown significantly, constantly opening new stores. However the number of people who reside in Dunvegan has decreased but the number of tourists visiting every weekend has increased significantly since 2001.

The architecture of the Dunvegan Castle is a unique blend of style of different historical stages. The history of Dunvegan Castle itself is inextricably linked to the McLeod clan, one of the most famous, if not the most famous in Scotland.

Inside the palace there are rooms, which still preserve the ancient relics and objects of the heads of the clan since the Middle Ages. Among them are the last flag McLeod, their cup and a horn, known as the Sir Rory Mor's Horn.

The original idea of the Dunvegan Castle had never been to be open for public visits, but this happened in 1933. Since then the fortress on the island is renowned as one of the most attractive and visited tourist attractions in the country. For nearly 80 years since the doors of the Dunvegan Castle were opened, it has been visited by Sir Walter Scott, Dr Johnson, Queen Elizabeth II and the Japanese Emperor Akihito.

Dunvegan Castle

Today the region of Dunvegan is a great place to visit because of the numerous opportunities for recreation and entertainment there. The island offers a boat trip and walk by the lake, fishing and walking through the shops.



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