Levocha, Slovakia

Levoca is a beautiful medieval town situated in one of the most beautiful areas of Slovakia. Many call this perfectly preserved architectural treasure "diamond in the crown of Spish". The town is located precisely in this defined by many as the most picturesque eastern part of the country. Levocha itself ranks among the top most beautiful fortified villages throughout Slovakia. Just recently, on June 29, 2009 the ancient town was listed in the list of World Heritage Sites of UNESCO. The easiest to get here is a transport from the city of Kosice and Bratislava. Most tourists prefer to travel by train or bus.

Levocha existed since the 13th century and is built to not stop growing and flourishing - mainly because of its strategic location on major transport routes. For several centuries Levocha prospers and develops as an important commercial and cultural center. This is largely thanks to clever local law, which requires each trader to not leave town before they sell all their goods.

Spis Castle

In 1550 a major fire destroyed most of the bases of hitherto constructed buildings in Levocha. Immediately thereafter started efforts for restoring the buildings. As a result, today in the town can be seen perfectly preserved splendid Renaissance buildings attracting more and more tourists in the country in the last decade.

The central square of Levocha is also considered a medieval architectural masterpiece. It bears the name of the local sculptor and engraver Pavol. Around 60 b'rgeri houses are built which are also quite attractive, as well as city Hall, the theater and trade center. Some of them have survived the great fire. Besides these, the firestorm has failed to fully destroy the beautiful church "St. James', which dates from the 14th century. It is also the work of Pavol, today it has the highest Gothic wooden altar in Europe - over 18, 5 m.

The historical center town is still surrounded by fortified walls. The territory of Levocha has the largest castle- Spis Castle, which itself is a unique sight.



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