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Plawniowice Palace

Plawniowice Palace

Plawniowice Palace is one of many beautiful palaces, which today can still be seen in Poland. Some of the most attractive castles in the country today are turned into interesting museums or hotels, others are buried in ruins but is still quite an interesting destination for curious tourists. The most important palaces in Poland are the two that rise in Warsaw - Wilanów and Lazienki, which keep the historical past of the royal residences.

Plawniowice Palace is situated in the Polish village of the same name. Plawniowice today is an interesting end point to a weekend because the village has a rich history and very interesting old buildings. The undisputed leader in this respect is the palace Plawniowice but also interesting is the barn and park which are full of beautiful natural monuments. Adjacent to the castle is located a beautiful lake. It occupies an area of 250 hectares. The lake bed was used as part of the coal mines of Silesia, but in 1970 it was filled with water.

Plawniowice Palace

The village and the palace Plawniowice are located on the main road A4. The village itself dates back to 1317, but its importance grew in 1737 when Franciszek Wolfgang von Stechow goes there and lays the foundation for the beautiful Plawniowice castle. The founder of the palace has Italian roots and is connected with the noble family for those years.

In 1748 the chapel of the castle was passed to the Countess Marie Elisabeth Augusta von Stechow. After the death of Charles Franz von Stechow in 1798, which was actually the son of Wolfgang, the castle passes into the hands of the eldest son of his sister, since there was no other male heir in the family.

Bad times occurred for the castle in 1945 when the soldiers of the Red Army snapped furniture and values of the palace and literally made it unsuitable for life. After that time the castle was home to monks for several years. Today the Plawniowice Palace is a wonderful example of aristocratic residence and it has included in the complex a park with gardens and a lake.



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