Blenheim Palace

Blenheim Palace

Dazzling Blenheim Palace is known as the birthplace of Winston Churchill, and today its logical to include in the list of World Heritage Sites by UNESCO. Blenheim is the only such in England building, which has no mark of royal episcopal or mansion, but still carries the official title of palace. This beautiful castle is situated about 11 km from Oxford in Woodstock in the English county of Oxfordshire. The UNESCO Blenheim appeared by 1987.

Even today the Blenheim Palace is considered one of the biggest properties in England. It is surrounded by 2100 acres of beautiful gardens and park lakes , nice lanes and trees that are the highest rank among landscape classification.

Blenheim Palace

Blenheim architecture is critical because of the design and construction of the palace between 1705 and 1722 represents the beginning of a new style in architecture. In addition to the park Blenheim designed by Lancelot 'Capability' Brown is considered a small version of Gardens of Versailles.

The original Blenheim Palacewas intended as a gift to John Churchill, 1st Duke of Marlborough for his triumph over Frenchmen and Germans in the epic battle of Blenheim on August 13, 1704. Soon, however, the castle became the center of fierce battles and disputes which led to the fall from power of the dukes and tarnished the reputation of the architect of Blenheim - Sir John Vanbrugh. Vanbrugh is the creator of beautiful Howard Castle (about 24 km north of the city of York) and the Inveraray Castle, in western Scotland.

Magnificent architecture within Blenheim is by some of the most eminent English artists - besides Vanbrugh, Also Nicholas Hawksmoor. They create in Woodstock a unique creation that is presentation of prosperity in the English Romantic architecture, distinguished by its eclectic forms and marks a turning back to the natural and love of nature.

Lancelot Brown in turn creates two beautiful lakes to the castle, which is considered one of the greatest examples of a naturalistic landscaping. Vanbrugh designed Blenheim Palace in perspective and that is why the view from far to the mansion is best.

Blenheim Palace and its gardens were built in the original English Baroque style, a palace which was built in the Early 18th century. Today it combines three functions in itself - a national monument, a mausoleum and a family home in which live 11 Dukes and Duchesses of Marlborough.

Inside, the Blenheim Palace impresses with its intricate and exquisite carvings, hand painted ceilings and amazing collections of China. In each room of the palace can be seen ancient pictures and tapestries. First on the floor of Blenheim can be found the historical part, where you can track events 300 years back in time.

In history, the Blenheim Palace forever will remain as the birthplace of Winston Churchill. Immediately after it was built it became the property of the family, and Dukes make various improvements, extensions and changes in construction and interior of Blenheim. Today in the room where Churchill was born, is housed a permanent exhibition on his life.



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