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Bangalore Palace

Bangalore Palace in India

Bangalore is one of the most modern and progressive cities of India. This is a modern urbanized centre, which developed rapidly information technology, and next to it the feel of the continuing living presence of God in its venerable history. This eclectic symbiosis between Indian tradition and modern Bangalore Palace, is a unique mixture of architectural styles of Europe and the Orient.

Situated in the heart of the southern Indian city that is capital of Karnataka, Bangalore Palace is one of its biggest attractions. As soon as you glimpse the mansion, you feel that it is strongly reminiscent of medieval castles in Normandy and England.

Bangalore Palace was built over a century ago, as an example, builders had Windsor in England. The Bangalore resembling a medieval castle was built during the dynasty Wodeyar in the late 19th century. Inside you can see magnificent carvings and ornaments, and make an impression in the Tudor style.

Bangalore Palace’s reason to resemble the Royal Windsor is very simple, or so tell local stories. King Chamaraja, of the dynasty Vodeyar was impressed by the medieval English castle during one of his trips to the island. Immediately after his return to the homeland, he ordered the construction of Bangalore palace.

In fact, the castle was started in 1862 by Garrett, who was the first director of the Central City High School in Bangalore, today known as City College. In 1884, the mansion was purchased by the Maharajah of Wodeyar. Construction of the palace had an unconventional ending in 1944.

With the rise of the beautiful Indian palace, it was surrounded by amazing gardens. Today's parks around the castle are only a pale copy of what was built here in the 19th century. The architecture of the castle is decorated in Bangalore Tudor style with many gothic windows, large and small towers.

In the interior, the palace Bangalore also impresses with its elegant carvings, floral motifs, exquisite mouldings and beautiful relief paintings on the ceiling. The furniture is authentic, as is the sound in the neo-classical, Victorian style, and Edwardian style. It was later purchased by John Roberts and the famous company "Lazarus". Bangalore Palace has 35 rooms, most of which are bedrooms. After a restoration of the castle, it awoke with exquisite mirrors and coloured glass, specially imported from England.

The property extends about 45 acres. At present it is owned by the Mysore royal family, which in 2005 decided to open it for public visits. The huge interest in the Bangalore Palace is now a reason to support a family of interest to tourists as well as conducting various concerts and public events.

The castle is open to visitors every day except Sunday. Access is allowed by an entry ticket for 100 rupees for adults and 50 children, the fee for foreigners is double. After touring the Bangalore Palace, do not forget to visit the Tipu Sultan's Palace.



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