Bangalore is a picturesque town located in southern India. It is the capital of Karnataka. Healthy climate, tree-lined boulevards, developed industry and many churches are part of the colourful characteristics of the city. Bangalore is a memorable mix of contrasts.

With each passing day the Indian city becomes a more attractive place for tourism and entertainment. Most recently, Bangalore has been named one of the "global cities". The Indian metropolis fell into a chart along with Dallas, Miami, Boston, Kuwait, Lima and Munich. The high score is given by no chance to the colourful Indian city that captivates with its rich variety of attractions.

Guests and residents of the city enjoy the abundant greenery, expressed by numerous parks, earning it the nickname City of Gardens.

Recently, Bangalore was declared the capital of Indian jewellery. There are more than 4000 jewellery stores. The city has the largest representation of brands in the jewellery market.

Bangalore, India

Among the most impressive buildings of Bangalore is the Vidhana Soudha , which could easily be considered a design with an architectural contribution to world art. The huge building now has strategically significant functions. It houses the state legislature of Karnataka. On each of its four corners rise four large domes. The building houses 22 departments and 300 rooms.

Park Cubbon adds additional colour to Bangalore. The Green Zone was more distinct in 1864. Today the park is a kind of huge oasis in the heart of the Indian city.

The beautiful park is a favourite haven for nature lovers. They successfully place it between the relaxation and reconciling the beautiful buildings of the State Central Library and the High Court.

The rich flora successfully enters the urban landscape. Cubbon Park is also home to other beautiful sights like Cheshire Dyer, numerous museums and galleries, as well as aquariums.

In the center lies the picturesque Ulsoor Lake. It is a major tourist attraction, where visitors can unwind with a short boat trip.

Tipu Sultans Palace in Bangalore

Bangalore has made an interesting cultural experience for its architectural mix between Europe and Asia. Proof of this is the interesting Bangalore Palace. The idea was to recreate Windsor Castle in England. The fee for access to the charming palace is 350 rupees.

Another building, a masterpiece within Bangalore is the Tipu Sultan's Palace. In the past, the building served as a summer residence of the Sultan, and then it had important administrative functions.

This exotic Indian city celebrates its zealous religious traditions. Among the most famous temples is one called Nando. In Sanskrit language "Nando" means joy. The temple is a revered house of worship in Hinduism.

Fans of technological evolution can find their place in the industrial and technological museum Visvesvaraya.

Symbol of scientific traditions in Bangalore is Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium. The purpose of the planetarium is to introduce a maximum number of teenagers to the science of astronomy. The Space Theatre holds 225 people.

The city has a developed high-tech industrial center, where you can see unique solutions to business buildings.

The city houses about 6.1 million people. Bangalore is the third largest city in India, by population. There are few cities that have the ability to attract visitors, fascinate with its beauty and then motivate them to choose the city as his new home.

Near town, tourists can discover the Bannerghatta National Park, the area Channapatna, Mekedatu, Ramohalli and countless other places for recreation and entertainment.



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