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Lake MeadLake Mead
18 Jan.
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Lake RotoruaLake Rotorua
18 Jan.
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Lake BrienzLake Brienz
14 Jan.
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Swiftcurrent LakeSwiftcurrent Lake
Swiftcurrent Lake is a romantic view at sunset, which can be seen only within Glacier National Park. Swiftcurrent was formed in the so-called Many Glacier region in the U.S. state of Montana. Swiftcurrent is surrounded b...
Lake ConstanceLake Constance
Lake Constance is probably the most popular and beautiful lake in Germany. Constance is actually the French name of the lake, and locally it is known by the name Constance, but is also called the "Swabian Sea". It was fo...
Jenny LakeJenny Lake
Jenny Lake is considered the most romantic and beautiful [Grand Teton National Park] feature. According to a ranking, boating on the crystal surface of this basin is one of the most romantic places to propose marriage. T...
Lake MichiganLake Michigan
Lake Michigan is one of the five major North American Great Lakes, which form the largest group of freshwater lakes in the world. There is a huge importance and irreplaceable benefits that these waters have in the biolog...
Peyto LakePeyto Lake
Peyto Lake is one of the most inspiring sights that can be seen within the [Banff National Park]. This protected area is located in the [Rocky Mountains] of Canada, about 130 km from [Calgary], covering an area of about ...
Plitvice Lakes National ParkPlitvice Lakes National Park
Plitvice Lakes is a unique landmark in the territory of Croatia. This beauty is a huge water body within the Plitvice Lakes National Park, which is included in the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites in 1979. Within ...
Pichola LakePichola Lake
Pichola Lake is a beautiful landmark, located at the foot hills of the Arava, in India. Located in the city of Udaipur, which is part of the southern state of Rajasthan. The lake is an artificial freshwater lake, as p...
Lake ArenalLake Arenal
Lake Arenal is located in the central part of Costa Rica, near the town of La Fortuna. The geographic position is between Panama and Nicaragua. This tourist destination has to offer views that few other places around ...
Lake ManyaraLake Manyara
If you have already decided to visit the reserve [Serengeti], and the Eden Valley [Ngorongoro], be sure to check out Lake Manyara, located in close proximity. This tropical paradise is also part of the unforgettable sigh...
Lake TobaLake Toba
Lake Toba is the largest and deepest lake in the world, located in a volcanic caldera. This huge basin, in the middle of which lies the mysterious island of Samosir is located in the bare mountains of the northern Indone...
Lake TiticacaLake Titicaca
Titicaca Lake is the largest mountain lake, which can be seen in South America. Titicaca was formed in the [Andes] mountain range, they fall within the geographical borders of two countries - Peru and Bolivia. The exact ...