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Bande AmirBande Amir
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Lake GardaLake Garda
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Chungara LakeChungara Lake
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Lake ErieLake Erie
Lake Erie belongs to a group of five Great Lakes. Its northern borders come to Ontario, to the south Erie borders the states of Ohio, Pennsylvania and New York. In the west Lake Erie comes to Michigan. The area of Erie i...
Lake HuronLake Huron
Lake Huron is one of the North American Great Lakes. This group included five lakes - [lake Superior], [lake Michigan], lake Huron, [lake Erie] and [lake Ontario]. Between Lakes Huron and Erie is located the smaller Lake...
Lake GenevaLake Geneva
Lake Geneva and the lovely backdrop of the Alps can be seen perfectly from the tallest tower in [Geneva]. The view is so beautiful, one feels that faces the enchanting landscape picture is from a dream. Lake Geneva is a ...
Kluane LakeKluane Lake
North of the Canadian town of Whitehorse, [Yukon River] expands into [Lake Laberge], [Marsh Lake] and [Lake Atlin]. Other large lakes that are part of the Yukon River system are Kusawa Lake, Takhini River and Kluane Lake...
Lake LabergeLake Laberge
Lake Laberge is a uniquely beautiful place in Canada during the winter months which offers views of one of the most interesting and impressive natural phenomena - the Northern Lights. Laberge is a long and narrow lake wi...
Lake AtlinLake Atlin
Lake Atlin is the largest natural lake in the region of British Columbia. It is one of the most beautiful views in the territory of Alaska and Canadian federal Yukon Region and one must see it, if going through Canadian ...
Mono LakeMono Lake
Mono Lake also known as Black Lake is one of the most interesting natural places in California. As a result of human activity and recklessness last century, Mono Lake is now actually dying. A voluntary committee takes ca...
Jackson LakeJackson Lake
Jackson Lake, in northeastern Wyoming, is within the Grand Teton National Park and is a popular recreation area in the U.S. The holiday house Jackson Lake Lodge offers first-class eco-resort facilities in which everyone ...
Lake LadogaLake Ladoga
Lake Ladoga is located in northwestern Russia. It is the largest lake in Europe and 14th largest in the entire planet. Lake Ladoga is located not far from [St. Petersburg], the Republic of Karelia and the Leningrad regio...
Lake LouiseLake Louise
The immense beauty of the [Canadian Rockies] is home to a huge natural reserve, which is one of the most important for the planet. These lands are the scenic spot of the oldest national park in Canada - [Banff National P...
Lake BaikalLake Baikal
The vast, uninhabited territory of Russia can offer many diverse natural scenes and interesting tourist [attractions]. On this rich on cultural diversity and natural resources land is Lake Baikal, which is unique. It is ...