Chungara Lake

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Chungara Lake and Parinacota Volcano

Chungara Lake is one of the highest and most beautiful mountain lakes in the world, located in Lauca national park, in northern Chile. Chungara Lake is located in the throat of an extinct volcano that is located at 4517 m altitude at the foot of the Parinacota volcano.

Chungara Lake was created eight thousand years ago, after the volcano erupted and Parinacota caused outpouring of six cubic kilometers of lava. This interrupted the flow of some rivers and created Lake Chungara.

Tourists who visit Chile, can not miss the amazing views of Lake Chungara, a place that is beautiful in different ways throughout all the seasons. For decades, experts on flora and fauna have studied native animals and plants, as among them there are many threatened species. Among the inhabitants of the lake are many species of birds which have been declared threatened with extinction and animals protected by law. Over one hundred and thirty species of plants can be seen on the shores of the beautiful lake, around which gather ducks and flocks of flamingos.

Chungara lake attracts tourists with its mysterious beauty, great climate and conditions of harmonious existence of man and the virgin nature. Tourists who arrive at the lake are loaded with positive emotions. By the lake are preserved ruins of ancient buildings that were created by unknown architects. It is not clear what purpose they are served, but the whole place bears the impressions of its ancient inhabitants.

The area around Lake Chungara is considered one of the driest in the world, as rainfall here is very rare. The lack of rain in no way affects the vegetation in the area - the plants get enough water from the lake, which has crystal clear water, rich in minerals.

Many tourists that visit the area say Chungara lake is a real paradise on earth, created by nature and perfected by man. Lovers of active holidays can climb to the top of an extinct volcano, after obtaining necessary information from travel agencies nearby. Extinct volcanoes in the region have been around for more than a century.

Lake Chungara at night remains unforgettable. Tourists can sleep in small houses that are close to the water and awaken with the sunrise.

The lake, which stretches over a twenty square mile area is a wonderful place for recreation. Lake Chungara reaches thirty-three m. deep at its deepest point. It is surrounded by picturesque mountains. The lake is home to many animals - here you can see alpacas, pumas, llamas and foxes. Besides flamingos and various species of ducks, near the lake are often found gualata, nandu and condors. Many tourists come to the lake to watch the birds.

The lake is a wonderful opportunity for expression of the photographic capabilities of tourists, especially when around them are gathered hundreds of birds.

The lake is attractive to tourists throughout the year as the lowest temperature here is twelve degrees.



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