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Lake PontchartrainLake Pontchartrain
04 Jan.
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Lago MaggioreLago Maggiore
04 Jan.
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Dead SeaDead Sea
30 Dec.
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The Caspean SeaThe Caspean Sea
The Caspean Sea is the largest lake on earth, which is closed and does not swell. Actually, the Caspean Sea is the largest body of water that does not pour its waters anywhere. It is called a Sea because of the huge size...
Lake OntarioLake Ontario
Among the five Great Lakes of North America, Lake Ontario is the smallest. It is situated between the Canadian province Ontario to the north, and to the south between Ontario's Niagara Peninsula and [New York]. Ontario i...
Lake ThunLake Thun
Lake Thun is one of the most beautiful and largest lakes in Switzerland and is a favorite not only for locals but also for many tourists from around the world. Located in the Bernese Alps, Lake Thun is dominated by the p...
Patricia LakePatricia Lake
If you decide to take a trip to [Jasper National Park] in the Canadian province of Alberta, you can not miss a visit to the beautiful Patricia Lake - one of the most secluded and romantic spots in the area. Patricia is a...
Lake TahoeLake Tahoe
Tahoe Lake, is located in upstate California, right on the border with Nevada in the U.S. In California, lie about two thirds of the shoreline of the lake. Nearest city is [Reno], which is located 58 km. away. If you are...
Crater LakeCrater Lake
Crater Lake is a breathtakingly beautiful natural formation. Located in the eponymous American national park, Crater Lake is considered the deepest lake in the U.S., its maximum depth reaches an impressive 594 meters. Ap...
Lake Nakuru National ParkLake Nakuru National Park
Lake Nakuru National Park is another unique place in Kenya, which has no analogue. This is a peculiar pink world, because of the salty water of the lake, there are huge flocks of pink flamingos that feed on algae growing...
Lake PowellLake Powell
Lake Powell is part of the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area and is one of the favorite places of many Americans for holidays throughout the year. With an extensive and detailed database of developed activities, recre...
Lake MalawiLake Malawi
Lake Malawi, in short Nyasa is the third in Africa and ninth largest lake in the world. This is a true tropical paradise with the greatest variety of exotic fish species than any other freshwater lake in the world. Here ...
Lake TanaLake Tana
Lake Tana is the largest lake in Ethiopia. It is located in the northwestern part of Ethiopia, North Africa, the so-called Abyssinian plateau. Lake Tana stands lonely and beautiful about 1800 meters above sea level and i...
Lake VictoriaLake Victoria
Lake Victoria is the largest tropical lake in the world. Located on a plateau in the western part of the African Great Rift Valley, bordered by Tanzania, Uganda and Kenya. Victoria is relatively shallow lake and he deepe...