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Sinharaja Rain Forest

Sinharaja Rain Forest

Forest Reserve “Sinharaja Rain Forest” is located in southwestern Sri Lanka and includes the only preserved tropical rain forests in the country. The territory of Sinharaja has the status of a National Park, it was declared a biosphere reserve in 1978 and a World Heritage site by UNESCO in 1988. The reserve is located to the northeast of Galle town.

The natural eco region has a relatively small size - from north to south its length is about 7 km to the east and west - 21 km. Despite its small size, this place is something akin to a bomb, because the biological diversity of flora and fauna is tremendous.

More than 60% of tree species are endemic and most of them are considered very rare. The main trees here are seen only in Sri Lanka. The tropical evergreen rain forests are left, thanks to preventive measures against illegal logging. Some trees reach a substantial height of 47 m.

Only place in the world where you can meet low-stemmed plants epifitni, is in the territory of Sinharaja. Overall, 13 of 25 specific types of plants can only be seen within the Sri Lankan park.

Wildlife, including many insects, reptiles, amphibians, mammals and birds are a true national treasure. About 50% of species are representatives of an extremely rare species found only here.

Birds here usually stay in groups, at one place can be seen over 48 different species. In these mixed flocks can be seen Sri Lankan blue magpies, Griffon starlings, black faced malkohi. One of the most endangered and rare species of flying animals across the country – the green beaked cuckoo is also within the Sinharaja.

The name of the National Park is literally translated as the Kingdom of the lion. Among the dense tropical forest fauna thrives, but the most attractive, which are leopards, can be seen very rarely. Quite attractive representatives are the black and gray langur, which is also possible to see in the borders of the Reserve.



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