San Rafael Falls

San Rafael Falls near Quito

San Rafael Falls rightly could be called the largest water landmark in the South American side of Ecuador. San Rafael is the largest and most powerful waterfall in Ecuador, and is located in the upper equatorial forest of the Amazon.

The natural fauna has established its hegemonic empire, as to the beauty of what nature has created, man remains somewhat a minor figure. San Rafael Falls is also home to numerous populations of exotic birds.

San Rafael Falls near Quito

San Rafael Falls was formed in the rain forest, which is closest to the city of Quito. To get to the waterfall of San Rafeal you have to drive on the highway, Quito-Lago Agrio which in the meantime reveals amazing views of the area Papallacta. The road then continues to the very highest waterfall in Ecuador.

Papallacta area is around 50 miles from Quito, offering excellent conditions for tourism. There, was built a small class resort where you can stay for one night and then in the morning go to San Rafael.

The resort offers excellent conditions as you can stretch near the pool pamper yourself to a spa or simply admire the natural resources of Ecuador.

The road from Papallacta continues down to the Amazon and seems inaccessible as you enter into the Ecuadorian province of Napo, which is named after the eponymous river.

The road to San Rafael continues along the river to the city BAEZ, which is located 110 km from Quito. The town is popular with its delicious trout, so you can make a little break and try these dishes before going to San Rafael.

The waterfall of San Rafael is 180 km from the city of Quito. The mighty and the spectacular waterfall was formed where the river enters the estuary of Coca river. San Rafael waterfall is located 1650 meters above sea level, within the National Park.

To get near the waterfall, it is necessary to pay around a $10 entry fee in the protected area. From the entrance, the turbulent San Rafael Falls is about a 15 minutes walk through the jungle. The area even has an active volcano whose lava and smoke can be seen in the distance in the fine weather.

If you want to stay longer in this area near the beautiful San Rafael Falls, you can do at a hotel that says Reventador, which is the name of a river that goes from there. The hotel is modest but clean and pleasant, offering organized tours in the area of the rain forest and San Rafael.



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