San Jose

San Jose, Costa Rica

For many, San Jose was the first place you see arriving in the beautiful Costa Rica. San Jose is the capital and largest city of the Central American country.

It is here that tourists can feel the true spirit and habits of Costa Ricans, before taking to the sunny beaches along the periphery of the country. San Jose has preserved much of its colonial buildings, a charming place with its mild climate, its intense nightlife, an abundance of shops and many museums.

Before you start your tour, you need to know that in San Jose names of streets and avenues do not mean anything for the locals. The main landmarks in the capital are the Costa Rican sights.

The biggest attraction of San Jose is the Teatro Nacionals. The building dates from 1891. It is believed that this is the most beautiful building in the country. Architecture and interior of the building is considered a masterpiece. The interior of the theater is also unique - an organized and sophisticated layout. The performances that are held at the National Theatre, are generally expensive and oriented more towards the elite classes. It should be noted that in February and March they hardly hold cultural events.

National Theatre in San Jose

The theater has a sophisticated bar, where for the appropriate amount for you can taste coffee I an unforgettable atmosphere.

In the theater are placed statues of Calderon de la Barca and Ludwig van Beethoven.

Another attraction for tourists in San Jose is the post building, built in an eclectic style in 1917. Hallmarks of the building are its pale green walls and Corinthian pilasters. On the second floor of the Postal Service is a philatelic museum containing a rich collection of Cost Rican stamps.

Front of the building has a magnificent statue of Juan Mora Fernández - the first legally elected governor of Costa Rica.

Among the landmarks of the city is the Pre-Columbian Gold Museum, located in the complex of Central Bank Museums. There is a splendid exhibition of over 1000 original gold products. The museum of Gold, located in San Jose is one of the few with such expensive pieces worldwide. It is open to visitors every day from 09:30 to 17 pm

The National Museum, Museum of Contemporary Art and the Courthouse are other beautiful places in San Jose, which deserve special attention.

The cuisine of San Jose is not spicy, as most would expect. Meals are delicious and prepared with modest products. Once visiting the Cost Rican capital you cannot help but savor the most popular local dish - Gallo pinto - fried rice with black beans. The dish is available in different varieties, depending on taste preferences.

Among the most popular entertainment venues in the capital are the complex El Pueblo, and the San Pedro neighborhood, located near the University of Costa Rica. We recommend for newcomers to be more careful with their personal belongings, as the capital has an unmanageable criminal contingent.

Located in the beautiful Central Valley, San Jose performs the functions of the seat of government authorities, and has focused the main political and economic activities in the country.

Its geographical location makes the city an important transportation center, the living link between Latin and North America. Today "Chepe", as it is called locally, is the most cosmopolitan city in Central America. The city is dotted with office buildings, pubs, restaurants and shopping centers.

San Jose's population is about 366, 000 people.

In Costa Rica can be visited more attractive cities like Alajuela, Heredia and the former capital Cartago, situated 25 kilometers from San Jose. There are also the Lankester Botanical Gardens, supported by the Cost Rican University. The Green Zone has over 3000 species of plants.

90 kilometers from the capital is the active Arenal Volcano. This natural phenomenon is higher than 1600 meters. Natural fireworks chuck ground and attract thousands of tourists annually. Some natural hot springs are located around the volcano, and there are many parks to relax and walk.



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