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Plano is a town located in the territory of Texas. In the city live about 260, 000 people. This makes it the seventy-first most populous city in the U.S.

In 2005 Plano is recognized as the best place to live in the western United States. Educational establishments within it are recognized as among the best in the country. The city is a place where unemployment and poverty are less prominent. The world famous Plano Balloon Festival is held here.

The history of the city Plano began in 1840. Many people arrived in the area where there were many mills. Then postal services were based here. Once local people wondered how to call the place where they live, the name Plano was finally offered, which is the Spanish word for fat.

This is due to the fertile land in the area where crop yields were very high. In 1872 the city grew under the influence of the rail network. Plano was officially granted city status in 1873.

In 1874 in the city now lived over five hundred people. In 1881 many of the buildings in the city were destroyed by fire. Several years later the town was rebuilt and business began to flourish again within Plano.

In 1900, the population of the city grew to more than 1300 people. In 1960 the city had about four thousand people. Ten years later the population reached a number of over seventeen thousand people, and after ten years over seventy thousand lived in Plano.

This led to vigorous growth of schools and business establishments in the city. In the eighties of the twentieth century, many large firms moved their central offices to Plano.

In 2000 the population exceeded 222, 000 people, thus the place became one of the largest suburbs of Dallas. Plano Town is surrounded by other municipalities, so there is absolutely no room for territorial expansion. There are seventy public schools and sixteen private schools, a college and six libraries.

In the city is the World Olympic Gymnastics Academy. It has trained many athletes who have won Olympic medals.

The City each year holds a famous balloon festival, during which hundreds of balloons filled with hot air, fly in the sky before thousands of admiring spectators. The sky is filled with colorful balloons, offering truly stunning views.

In the city is the Art Plano Center, where you can see works by leading local artists and Plano of art created by foreign talent.

In Plano can be seen the railway museum Interurban, which reveals some interesting details on the transport industry in the city.



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