Suspension Bridge in Savannah, Georgia

Savannah is one of the most beautiful historical cities of South America in the USA. Located on the coast of Georgia, it is the first city built according to plans in the country.

Founded in 1733, when James Edward Oglethorpe led a group of 120 people, landed on the river Savannah. They form the 13th and last British colony in North America. The area is named Georgia- the name of English King George II.

Savannah, Georgia

The new settlers live in peace with local tribes and so began the construction of the city of Savannah on the steep river banks of the eponymous river.

The overall architectural plan of Oglethorpe represents broad streets, extending to large urban parks and places to accommodate business. The soil here is fertile and is extremely favorable for growing cotton and rice. This local trade is booming and the rich use their money to build beautiful homes, buildings and churches.

With the expansion of trade after the invention of the mechanical treatment of cotton fibers, Savannah began to compete with the commercial ports of Charleston. Over the decades, the price of cotton is determined by local production. Even today the cotton exchange in Savannah functions.

Old District in Savannah, Georgia

Two devastating fires in 1796 and 1820 destroyed much of the architecture of Savannah. Today there are 21 of the 24 built in the past town squares. Overall, much of the architecture of the early 19th century was restored and has a lot to offer tourists to Savannah.

Historical sites that can be seen in Savannah are pretty. Among them is the first African Baptist church, which is one of the oldest in the territory of the United States. A pirates house, which was built in 1754 is still preserved.

Many old churches are also recovered. Main Savannah is divided into two parts - Historic Savannah and Victorian Savannah. Savannah was the host of the sailing events during the Summer Olympics in 1996, held in Atlanta.



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