World's Most Beautiful Lakes

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Loch LinnheLoch Linnhe
18 May
Saint Mary LakeSaint Mary Lake
18 May
Marsh LakeMarsh Lake
18 May
Lake SuperiorLake Superior
Lake Superior is the largest of the Great Lakes of North America and the largest freshwater lake in the world in area, if not counting the Caspian Sea. The water volume of Lake Superior is so huge that it would be enough...
Alces LakeAlces Lake
Alces Lake in Alaska, Canada is one of the best tourist destinations for ecotourism worldwide. Alces is a glacial lake, a walk along which could be one of the most memorable events in your life. Alces Lake falls with...
Vermilion LakesVermilion Lakes
Besides the emerald waters of Peyto Lake, within [Banff National Park], you can see three incredibly beautiful lakes known as Lakes Vermilion. This protected area is located around the [Rocky Mountains] of Canada is incl...
Lake LucerneLake Lucerne
Lake Lucerne is the fourth largest lake in Switzerland after [Lake Geneva] and Lake [Bodensee]. It is situated between Germany, Switzerland and France, Lake of Zurich, Lake Neuchâtel is the longest lake within the entire...
Lake McArthurLake McArthur
Lake McArthur is one of the many bodies of water in the Yoho National Park, which is the second protected area in the Canadian Rockies. The amazing Beauty of McArthur in no way inferior to that of the emerald lake, which...
Lake O'HaraLake O'Hara
Lake O'Hara and the lands that surround it are one of the most remarkable places in Canada. O'Hara is located within Yoho National Park, which in turn is one of several protected areas in the Canadian Rockies, along with...
Moraine LakeMoraine Lake
Moraine Lake is a body of water in the Rocky Mountains of Canada, which attracts thousands of tourists with its emerald waters and breathtaking wilderness. Moraine enters into the huge range of Banff National Park, which...
Jokulsarlon LakeJokulsarlon Lake
Vatnajökull is the largest park in Europe, within it is the largest by volume and second in area glacier in Europe. This natural site is huge - covering almost 12% of the territory of Iceland. It is the largest glacial l...
Mono LakeMono Lake
Mono Lake also known as Black Lake is one of the most interesting natural places in California. As a result of human activity and recklessness last century, Mono Lake is now actually dying. A voluntary committee takes ca...
Ostrander LakeOstrander Lake
Ostrander Lake is a pleasant and beautiful place in the picturesque Yosemite National Park , which is located in east central California. This area with its beautiful natural attractions, such as [Yosemite Falls], [Verna...
Lake HayesLake Hayes
Lake Hayes with it’s relaxed and romantic views is one of the most widely photographed in all of New Zealand. Hayes is situated on the Southern Island, in the valley of Wakatipu. This is an extremely beautiful place, sur...