Ostrander Lake

Ostrander Lake in Yosemite National Park

Ostrander Lake is a pleasant and beautiful place in the picturesque Yosemite National Park , which is located in east central California. This area with its beautiful natural attractions, such as Yosemite Falls, Vernal Fall, Bridalveil Falls and many more are under the auspices of UNESCO.

Ostrander Lake itself is popular among Americans as a destination, delightful in all seasons of the year. In summer it is an excellent place for mountain climbing and hiking and in winter Ostrander is a favorite spot of many people keen on cross country skis.

Ostrander Lake in Yosemite National Park

Ostrander is located about 16 km south of Yosemite Valley and 16 km east of the ski area Badger Pass. The lake was formed at 2600m altitude. Ostrander is the source of Bridalveil Creek, which formed another beautiful landmark National Park - Bridalveil Falls, located about 16 km north of the lake.

Ostrander Lake can be easily reached by car. Enter the southern entrance to Yosemite, and drive north (on the left again). After 27, 7 km you will reach the main Glacier Point Road. Drive about 14-15 km along this road in the valley of the park. On the way, there is place where you can stop to rest and have something to eat.

One legend tells the strange name Ostrander is derived from a story that once upon a time in the Valley lived a strange creature that was half-man, half-sheep and tended the sheep. Perhaps this story is highly exaggerated and it was a simple shepherd and not a mystical creature. The truth is that the lake gets its name from Alexander Ostrander (1783), whose family settled in these lands before 1872.

To reach the Ostrander Lake one should prepare for a long climb. The route starts immediately after the river Bridalveil, is about 21km long and is indeed quite difficult. The first part of the route to Ostrander is relatively simple, with flat areas and sunny meadows.

The second stage is difficult in places and rises approximately 460 meters in a distance of about 4-5 km. The climb continues until you reach the hill down to the northern shore of Lake Ostrander. The west coast of this beautiful lake has excellent facilities for camping. In summer, when the Ostrander Ski Hut is packed with fans of cross country skiing, a person can stay in it.

The hut has a capacity of 25 people and is in existence fromas far back as 1941. Ostrander Lake is one of the favorite places for escape to nature, loved by Americans from California. This quiet, clean, beautiful and unspoiled scenery help one to recuperate. For fishing lovers, Ostrander also offers the opportunity to cast lines into the lake and catch some trout.



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