Lake Powell

Lake Powell - Glen Canyon

Lake Powell is part of the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area and is one of the favorite places of many Americans for holidays throughout the year. With an extensive and detailed database of developed activities, recreational lake Powell is an amazing combination of clear blue water, sandy beaches and picturesque landscapes of reddish rocks. Lake Powell is a place where you can see many amazing natural attractions, embark on research or simply indulge in one of the many tourist attractions and opportunities for sport and resting.

Lake Powell has excellent conditions for boating, water skiing, kayaking, fishing, hiking, and countless other activities.

Lake Powell is the second largest manmade lake in the Colorado River basin; it is behind only Lake Mead. The incredibly crisp and crystal blue waters of Powell contrast of towering rocky red-rock canyon walls.

Lake Powell outlines much of the border of Utah and Arizona, and most of the water pool with the spectacular Rainbow Bridge falls within Utah. The lake was named researcher John Wesley Powell, who is a veteran of the Civil War and who, in 1869, investigated the pond with three wooden boats. The national recreation area near Lake Powell was established in 1972. Since then, this is one of the most popular entertainment sites in the United States.

There is a huge influence by Lake Powell, on the environmental and biological balance of the region and the Colorado River, they are quite substantial and negative consequences that come from the developed for tourism area. Creating lakes killed much of the natural canyon’s floral species and disrupts the biological balance of fish in the waters, many of which are rare and valuable to the Colorado River.

Serious problems have also been created by boats that serve tourists and visitors to this recreation area on Lake Powell, in the U.S. They dispose of toxic gases in water, which is a source of drinking water to many farms in the area of Utah.

The dimensions of Lake Powell are greater than the whole western coast of the continental United States. The length of Powell reaches about 300 kilometers, and at its widest part, it is about 40 km. The total area over which the Powell social area extends, amounts to 658 square kilometers. The average depth is about 40 meters, the deepest parts are about 170 meters.

One of the biggest landmarks in the area of Lake Powell is the rainbow bridge. It is a national natural monument and is often described as the largest natural bridge. This natural phenomenon in the region of Lake Powell is formed by a rocky arch, which reaches a height of about 280 meters and 3 meters width.

Perhaps of all these sights, the Rainbow Bridge is the most easily accessible, being just two hours walking distance from Lake Powell.

Among the possibilities for entertainment and recreation on Lake Powell should not be missed the organized boat rides. It takes about half a day and provides the opportunity to see from the water, some of the most beautiful places on the coast.

You can also hire a canoe for yourself to explore the area. Do not miss visiting the John Wesley Powell Museum, which will explain more about Glen Canyon, before and after the emergence of Lake Powell and the beginning of study of this area. Rock climbing, fishing, sunbathing and various water attractions are only a small part of the fun things that the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area on Lake Powell offers visitors.



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