Linn Castle

Linn Castle near Krefeld, Germany

Fantastic medieval Linn Castle is certainly one of the places which must be visited in Germany. The historical monument is located in Krefeld, located in western Germany North Rhine Westphalia.

Area Linn, Which is today established as a district of the city, is located on the shores of beautiful Rhine. In fact, most probably in the late 11th and early 12th century Linn had the status of a separate city. Today the district of Krefeld is located just 5 miles east of the historic city center. The picturesque island, formed amidst the waters of the Rhine, for several centuries valiantly rises ancient castle Linn.

The fortress was built in the 12th century. Unfortunately, during the Spanish War of 1704, the historical monument was severely damaged. The castle suffered severe damage and during both world wars.

In 1926, however, it was decided to restore the fortress. Efforts are considerable for its renewal. Thanks to the efforts of locals, modern image of the fort revives the old glory of the Krefeld landmark.

German Linn Castle in winter

Today the fortress complex charms thousands of tourists annually. It has become one of the logos, the business card of Krefeld. Amazing combination of natural and architectural attractions, and rich history of the area of ten centuries make the visit of the Linn Castle an unforgettable experience. At dusk the castle is even more charming. Precision pasted lighting highlights the most striking elements of the medieval palace-fortress.

Today the memorial is transformed into a wonderful museum, containing a rich exhibition of archaeological finds. There you can find artifacts from Roman times. In the museum is located the tomb where they laid the bones of the ruler Otto von Linn. Of course, in the museum you can learn interesting facts and details about the history of the castle.

At Fortress Linn there are few delightful Sightseeing attraction. Among them are Castle Wasserburg, which is also located at Rhine hunting House Jagdschloß, Greiffenhorst Mansion, and the German Museum of Textiles. On the banks of the river one can also visit the castle museum center Linn.

Krefeld and Linn Castle are only a few kilometers from Duisburg, Germany.



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