Lake McArthur

Lake McArthur in Yoho National Park

Lake McArthur is one of the many bodies of water in the Yoho National Park, which is the second protected area in the Canadian Rockies. The amazing Beauty of McArthur in no way inferior to that of the emerald lake, which is a favorite for most visitors here.

Lake McArthur is a huge alpine lake of glacial origin. It is a very deep blue color and captivates with its appearance. On the surface water individual pieces of ice can still be seen swimming.

Lake McArthur in Yoho National Park

The whole lake is surrounded by a circus, making it closer in appearance to Grinnell Lake, which is a great natural pride of Glacier National Park.

Between the two Lakes, however, there is a big difference in favor of McArthur. Lake McArthur is much larger and impressive and its emerald waters hypnotize the eyes of men.

To reach the lake you must first go through no less impressive Lake OHara, and then follow the route signs upwards.

The route is 8 km long and is uphill. It cannot said that it is particularly easy. The trail leads through a far less attractive lake - Schaffer, whose waters may be brown, if you visit in autumn.

However, while walking through the pristine nature of Yoho National Park, you can enjoy views of all the other lakes and even grizzly bears.

Before you reach the lake McArthur, you have two options for the route to it - in grassland or rocky route, which is much more difficult and is more suitable for experienced mountaineers.

Once having reached McArthur, visitors will understand that the long walk was well worth it. The lake really is huge – it’s length is a whole 3, 5 kilometers.



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