Crater Lake

Crater Lake

Crater Lake is a breathtakingly beautiful natural formation. Located in the eponymous American national park, Crater Lake is considered the deepest lake in the U.S., its maximum depth reaches an impressive 594 meters. Apart from these dry characteristics around Crater, the Lake impresses with its incredible Beauty. It is considered one of the cleanest waters in North America, mainly due to its water supply from melting snow.

Crater Lake was formed in the south central region of the U.S. state of Oregon. Its crystal clear waters are a cause for national pride. Crater, which is shaped around the lake about 8000 years ago, reaches a maximum depth of 655 meters. The exact age of Crater is calculated to be 7700 years, around the collapse of the volcano Mount Mazama.

Mazama is located at 3600 meters altitude. When Crater Lake was formed, Mazama collapsed, causing a giant eruption. Crater Lake occupies a total area of about 60 square kilometers. Length of the coastline is up to 9.7 km and width is about 8-km. Apart from its maximum depth of 600 meters, the average depth is 350 meters.

Crater Lake

A beautiful and interesting legend tells about the formation of the crystal clear water basin in Oregon. It comes from the traditions of the Klamath Indian tribe, which tell of the fierce war between the boiling Lao, who was god of the underworld, who inhabited the mighty Mount Mazama and Skel, which was the god of the upper world. The story states how Lao fell in love with Lohan, who was the daughter of a shaman of the tribe of Klamath.

The girl rejected his love and then he decided to punish the people by a huge fiery damnation. Then Skel ran to help and after a long battle managed to beat Lao. The latter was closed deep in the underworld, but to not run out, the tip Mazama was threw over it. In a sign of calm and peace Skel decided to create a beautiful Crater Lake, which give rise to harmony at the top.

Today Crater Lake is an amazing heritage of millennia ago, of the seething volcanic past of summit Mazama. Around Crater rise about 60 meters high cliffs. In the lake were formed two small islands that stand among the picturesque crystal waters. Crater Lake is a loved site for photographs, of course, because of it’s indescribable beauty.

One of the interesting sights Crater Lake is the so-called called Old Man of the Lake. It is a pillar of wood, which rolled into the lake about a hundred years ago. Even today, a full-length stem is perfectly preserved because the cold waters of Crater Lake. It also contains significant reserves of fish and although it has its own populations in the years between 1888 and 1941 further breeding was conducted.



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