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Jokulsarlon Lake

Glacier lake Jokulsarlon in Iceland

Vatnajökull is the largest park in Europe, within it is the largest by volume and second in area glacier in Europe. This natural site is huge - covering almost 12% of the territory of Iceland. It is the largest glacial lake in the country - Jokulsarlon. This is the eastern part of Iceland, which is less populated than the west, but in exchange is filled with of many more natural wonders.

Glacial lakes Jokulsarlon is one of the most impressive sights that can be seen in Iceland, and indeed anywhere in the world. The Glacial lake is located about 60 km east of Skaftafell National Park and nearly 400 km from Reykjavik. The lagoon is at the base of the most gigantic European glacier, Vatnajokull.

The lagoon Pond Jokulsarlon was formed when Vatnajokull began to be separated from the mainland of Iceland in 1950. The end result is a lagoon with 100 meters depth, filled with ice water and huge icebergs. The colors and shapes of glacial lakes Jokulsarlon are so amazing that it is no wonder that they are one of the most amazing landscapes of this southern part of Iceland.

When the first settlers arrived in Iceland around 900th year, suggest that the glacial field Breidamerkurjokull, which is above the lake, was about 20 km north of where it is located today. The climate here started to cool down in 1200, with peak between 1600th-1900th years, when there has literally been a "little ice age".

Jokulsarlon Lake

Warming between 1920-1965 years is the main reason for major changes in the glacier Breidamerkurjokull, which shrinks and forms the huge glacial lake lagoon Jokulsarlon.

The formation of the lagoon begins 1934-1935 and grew more and more with each passing year. From 8 square kilometers in 1975 the lagoon has increased to 15 square kilometers in 1998. At present the end of the glacial tip swims in the water. The depth of the lake Jokulsarlon varies around 100-200 meters.

Until 1950 the mile long flow of the glacial river Jokulsa is not interrupted by any Lagoon. The river is getting wider every year because of the constantly eroding power of the sea, which will eventually lead to the destruction of the bridge, built on the river.

The result will be a deep bay, which will be expanded. The level of Lake Jokulsarlon has fallen to near sea level and sea water enters it in tides. This leads to warming of the water of Jokulsarlon. Salmon and herring enter the lagoon, and in turn seals follow.

So it is not unusual sight to see seals at Jokulsarlon, or black sand beach of the sea here. In the lagoon of glacial lakes live very many birds, including the eider duck.

Lake Jokulsarlon is a famous tourist destination and can even be seen as a natural background in world famous film productions like James Bond and the adventures of Lara Croft in Tomb Raider.

From May to September, visitors have the opportunity to take a boat trip between the icebergs of Jokulsarlon and be touched by near natural ice sculptures, paintings flooded in blue and green colors. The boat trip takes about 40 minutes. On the east coast of the lagoon there is a small restaurant which is open during the summer.



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