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Copacabana in Rio de Janeiro

Copacabana in Rio de Janeiro

If there is four kilometers in the world that are composed entirely of fun, sun, beach and sea waves, it is the four kilometers of azure beach Copacabana that never sleep, in Rio de Janeiro. Copacabana is undoubtedly the most famous beach in the world and dream summer vacation destination for millions of people worldwide. According to a survey of authoritative Internet edition AskMen, Copacabana was elected the most beautiful beach on earth. For five million readers have given their vote for Copacabana, because of the incredible combination of exotic beaches and scenery typical of Mega cities that combine in this old neighborhood in the Brazilian Fun-capital.

Copacabana, Sun and hot rhythms of samba are an inseparable tandem.

Copacabana in Rio de Janeiro

Annually millions of people around the world arrive in Rio de Janeiro, only to experience the incredible atmosphere that pours from Copacabana And from neighboring Ipanema beach, with which Copacabana is actually one. Only in hues of pedestrian promenade can we see where it ends and where Ipanema separates from Copacabana . Wavy drawings on the sidewalk of the most beautiful beach in the world are brighter and larger than those of the Ipanema beach. Both the beaches let you enjoy the incredibly beautiful scenery, which is opened to the ocean or relax in a nice café on the promenade.

It is actually the famous boulevard Avenida Atlantica, where are concentrated among the best restaurants, including cafes, restaurants, bars, and discos in Rio de Janeiro . The nightlife here is an exciting experience and there is hardly an equivalent anywhere else in the world. There is a sense that Brazilians are designed to entertain - both themselves and guests of Copacabana.

Copacabana beach in Rio

Copacabana is located in the southern part of Rio de Janeiro and is considered one of the most famous and prestigious areas of the South American city. Officially by that name Copacabana was there by the end of 18 century. Beach and a neighborhood are named after the Virgin of Copacabana which is the most venerated sanctuary in Bolivia. This statue, or rather a copy could be seen in the chapel that was built here. Officially Copacabana becomes part of the Rio de Janeiro on July 6, 1892.

In the beginning Copacabana represented a small fishing village. The change came with the construction of the famous Palace Hotel in 1923, which gradually began to attract many tourists. Still, the Palace is one of the most attractive places in Copacabana and cyprian restaurant, which belongs to the hotel, offers exquisite local specialties, served with finesse and style. Once the new heavy-duty highway was built in the area in 1900, it opened up huge opportunities Copacabana and the beach gradually began to grow and to gain popularity.

One can see many impressive buildings and attractive hotels, offering apartments for holidays.

Beaches Copacabana is one of the most popular places to celebrate New Year. At the end of each year, arriving here are more than 2 million tourists from around the world to meet the noisy and spectacular new year when the clock strikes 00:00 pm. Traditionally, all dressed in white, the quantity of alcoholic drinks and cocktails is inexhaustible, and Latin American rhythms like an obligation do not stay in one place.



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