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Montemayor del Rio Castle

Montemayor del Rio Castle

Montemayor del Rio is a picturesque medieval castle, located in the eponymous small municipality in the Spanish province of Salamanca. Castle Montemayor del Rio occupies the southern part of the province, dominating the valley, which forms the river - Cuerpo de Hombre.

Actually there are a lot more attractive medieval palaces, which might give rise to curiosity and interest of tourists in this part of Spain. Castle Montemayor del Rio, however, is inseparable from the history of the country and also offers very attractive locations for viewing and beautiful scenery, among which one may escape from the busy city life.

The structure of Montemayor del Rio is distinguished by its simple design. The fortress was built by two major fortifications and the outside was able to be maintained until today.

The main buildings are located around the central courtyard. They are built on two floors, as part of their interiors can still be seen today. On the left wall there is a well-preserved large chimney, which is proof that sometime in Montemayor del Rio life was bubbling.

Most likely the castle Montemayor del Rio, or rather the ruins we see today is not dated from before the 15th century. The castle has more characteristics of a palace than of a military fort.

Today visitors Montemayor del Rio have free access to the stone walls of the palace, which has been officially declared a tourist site and which is not likely to suffer any recent restorations.



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