Torre del Oro

Torre del Oro

Torre del Oro literally means, Golden Tower. Its name comes from the fact that there shone in its upper part a 24 carat coverage. Today there is still a dispute over why the Torre del Oro bears that name. On the one hand the name probably comes from the fact that it has ever been covered with gold tiles that reflect the spectacular sun. On the other there is the old argument that is called the Golden Tower, because it has ever been an emblem of the port where there landed all the gold arriving in this part of Europe from the Americans.

Torre del Oro is located in the Spanish port of Seville. In essence it is a military tower built by the Berbers during the dynasty of Almohad. The main objective of the Torre del Oro is to protect access to the city from the Guadalquivir, and to prevent movement of the enemy on the riverbank. The tower is one of three in the south of the city which focuses on the river.

Torre del Oro was the main observation post which had the important task of a "sealed" entrance to the river with the other three towers. The Golden Tower was associated with a thick chain that stretched along the river bed and up the other tower on the opposite bank. At that moment the second tower was there.

Torre del Oro was built in 1220 at the end of the reign of King Taifa.

The structure of the tower has notched twelve countries, graduating with a dome on three floors, which also has also been secured by 12 countries. Torre del Oro is made of stone blocks. The upper part of the battle fortress is located in the terrace, which can be reached by the stairs from the bottom of the tower.

In the 16th century, Torre del Oro was in ruins and needed major restructuring. The building of the Golden Tower was also heavily damaged as a result of the earthquake of 1755 in Lisbon. It was in 1760 when the highest part of the Torre del Oro was added.

Shortly after this restoration the observatory was again in danger. Local authorities wanted to collapse it to provide space for something other. Thanks to the citizens of Seville, Torre del Oro was saved. Another united action of the townspeople stopped the Golden Tower being demolished, which in 1868 was put up for sale as scrap.

Today in Torre del Oro the local Naval Museum is housed. There you can see different designs, letters, models, instruments and historical documents.



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