Cerro Torre

Cerro Torre

Cerro Torre is one of the biggest challenges for mountaineers and climbers in the world, mostly because of its technical difficulty and notoriously bad weather. More than just one or two professional and experienced rock climbing fans have returned disappointed after an attempt to conquer Cerro Toro. This respectable in appearance Mountain is located on the border between Chile and Argentina, in the so-called Patagonian Andes, forming part of the Southern Patagonian Ice Field.

Located within the Los Glaciares National Park in Argentina, north of the Torres del Paine National Park in Chile, an area is claimed by both South American countries. Cerro Torre is the highest of the four peaks along the eastern edge of the Patagonian Ice Field. Other mountain pillars here are Torre Egger, Punta Herron, and Cerro Standhart.

Cerro Torre and its amazingly sharp, covered with ice peak, reaches a majestic height of 3128 meters. All routes leading to the summit are strewn with difficulties and unforeseen circumstances. Climatic conditions in the region are quite unstable, making climbing Cerro Torre literally terrifying. These obstacles do not stop the enthusiasm of experienced climbers.

Cerro Torre, Los Glaciares National Park

One of the best ways to reach Cerro Torre is from the city of El Calafate and from there, to El Chalten, which is a starting point of the route to Cerro Torre. The town is celebrated as the Argentine "National Capital of Trekking" and offers almost everything needed before approaching Cerro Torre, Fitz Roy or any of the surrounding peaks. All paths start from El Chalten. D'Agostini camp, near the base of Cerro Torre is the starting point for many of the climbs to the top.

Maestro Cesare reported in 1959 that he had climbed Cerro Torre with Toni Egger. This good news however, was marred by misfortune, because along the route of descent, Egger was killed, which in turn posed serious doubts to this climb. In 1970, Maestro decided to return with a new team of climbers, this time the group was equipped with a pneumatic machine for drilling holes and literally paving the way to the top.

From that moment until today this line is called the compressor. However, climbers continue to face difficulties with the ice cap before the summit, during the ascent of Cerro Torre. According to the assumptions in alpine environments, however, passage along the compressor is unethical and devoid of value. However, the first confirmed ascent of Cerro Torre was only in 1974, the work of the team of D. Chiappa, M. Conti, C. Ferrari, and P. Negri.



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