Patagonia is a vast, sparsely populated area in the southwest corner of South America.

This natural geographic area covers an area about 777, 000 square kilometers and is located almost entirely in Argentina. A small part of the north enters the territory of Chile.


The large open plateau Patagonia has a slope toward the ocean and a picturesque view of many diverse and beautiful landscapes.

Here the climate is dry, mostly temperate, and in the northern parts is warmer. After the voyage of Ferdinand Magellan many adventurous travelers settled on these lush places, but today Patagonia is a sparsely populated and still totally unexplored area. The name of the field is given by European explorers, who believed that the local people are extremely tall, watching them from ships. Actually Patagonian Mongoloid racial type of race has a low-average growth.

Fitz Roy mountain in Patagonia

In these lands can be seen the most beautiful natural sights worldwide. Such are the granite towers of the National Park "Torres del Paine" and "Los Glasiares" as well as the northern and southern ice fields, which have huge outstanding glaciers.

Many nature lover tourists visit Patagonia for endless colorful fabric, glacial valleys, fjords with steep slopes and river rapids. Beautiful and seemingly endless plains of the Pampa are cut by red rocks and charms with its emerald River and Lakes.

Here is grown mainly alfalfa, vegetables and some fruits and the vast pastures feed large flocks of sheep. There are 13 million sheep in Argentina, whose home is mainly Patagonia.

In recent years it has become an important industry and tourism spot. Argentina has over 20 national parks, mostly in Patagonia. It is divided into North and South Lake areas.

Northern lakes are located in the foothills of the Andes between Chile and Argentina. Hiking is the best way to see the beautiful locality. Here is positioned the oldest Argentine reserve - "Parque Nacional Hayes Uapi" and several national parks, as well as preserved wilderness areas.

Southern Lakes occupy the park "Los Glasiares" which has huge glaciers like Uppsala [Perito Moreno. Mount Fitz Roy is suitable for sports and hiking and rafting.

The local population is very hospitable and friendly. Tourists are subject to special local delicacies and tasting of fine wines. It is best to walk around Patagonia during the period from October to April.



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