Lake Thun

Lake Thun, Switzerland

Lake Thun is one of the most beautiful and largest lakes in Switzerland and is a favorite not only for locals but also for many tourists from around the world. Located in the Bernese Alps, Lake Thun is dominated by the popular resort of Interlaken and the magnetic peaks Eiger, Jungfrau and Mönch, and before them as a prelude to the story stands Mount Niesen, at 2362 m and Stockhorn, at 2190 m.

On the north shore of Lake Thun, right where the river Aar leaves and travels to the Swiss capital Bern, is the city Thun, which gives its name to the lake. The town is small but very interesting for tourists with its charming small historic center and the large medieval castle tower of Thun, which now houses the Historical Museum on a whole 4 floors.

Lake Thun and the town are located in Central Switzerland, 157 km from Zurich, where the nearest airport is. The road from Zurich is 90 minutes by car or 2 hours by train. From Geneva, Thun is 167 km away, and the Swiss capital Bern is located 37 km the Lake. Thun is easily accessible by train from Bern, on the path to Interlaken.

Lake Thun is spread on 2500 sq. m. It is fed by Lake Brienz, which is located 6 km southeast, at only 6 meters higher altitude than the alpine lake Thun. River Kander, an inflow of Aar also empties its waters into the pool. During its formation in the ice age, Thun was part of Brienz, and historians and geologists call this catchment area Wendelsee.

Today, Lake Thun is attractive for tourists because of the many opportunities for water sports. Around the lake are located scenic routes for walking, hiking and biking trails that pass along the villages perched on the coast. Fishing is also important for residents of Thun. In it sailed passenger ships, back in 1835, their number is now 10.

Sunset at Lake Thun

The most exciting experience on Lake Thun remains a panoramic tour with a tourist cruise. Tourists are able to enjoy the inspiring views of the Bernese Alps and drink a glass of wine against the backdrop of natural beauty. Some ships offer gourmet delights to guests, as well as a playgrounds for kids. Seven areas are available for touring by with boat in Lake Thun, and if you're having a birthday, travel is free for you. Night trips in the moonlight on the water are possible.

Particularly interesting are the karst St. Beatus Caves inside the Niederhorn Massif. This natural wonder offers a one kilometer lit walk, secured inside the rock formations formed over millions of years. Visitors can see beautiful stalactites and stalagmites. The cave has an exhibition house, beautiful park with a slide and waterfall, as well as opportunities for barbecue.

Boats can take you to the starting point for trips to Stokhorn, where you can order a moonlit dinner, try bungee jumping, embark on a delta, or paragliding, or choose among many others attractive options for entertainment. North of Lake Thun extends some incredibly beautiful scenery, which is a natural park. In the local mountains is the largest network of caves in Europe.



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