Montgomery, Alabama

Alabama State Capitol in Montgomery

Montgomery is a city located on the territory of Alabama and is the capital of Alabama. Montgomery also is the center of Montgomery County. Montgomery City is located near the Alabama River. The city has a population of about 205 000 people.

Before the first European colonists, Alabama’s river banks were inhabited by the indigenous tribe that called themselves Alibamu. They were part of the Mississippi culture.

They inhabited the area in the ninth century BC and were divided into two cities. These were cities Ikanatchati and Towassa, where the tribe Alibamu lived. The first Europeans who came to central Alabama, were people from the expedition of Hernando de Soto, who visited the area in 1540. They passed through Ikanachati and Touasa.

Only a century later came the next Europeans in the territory of present-day Montgomery. The first settler in the territory of present-day Montgomery was James McQueen. He settled in the region in 1716. He married an Indian with a high position. Their children received the status of his mother in her own tribe.

In 1785, a trading post was built by war veterans. Indian tribe Alibamu withdrew to the south after the Frenchmen were defeated in 1763, during the Seven Year War. In 1816, Montgomery County was founded. The first settlers in Montgomery County were led by General John Scott. The group, which he led, was based near the town on the Alabama River.

In 1818, the District Court of Alabama was moved here. The city of Montgomery acquired city status in 1819. It was created in 1817, from the merger of two smaller cities that were located near the Alabama River. These were Alabama and New Philadelphia city, which were where the east of downtown Montgomery is located today.

In 1846, the city was recognized as the capital of Alabama. The city of Montgomery, which was originally with a small population, began to grow with the construction of railway infrastructure.

Montgomery relied entirely on trade in cotton and grew quite quickly. In 1822, the city became the center of Montgomery County. The state Capitol building was moved to Montgomery in 1846. In February 1861, the city held a meeting to decide the creation of the Confederate America. Then Montgomery was the first capital of the nation. On February 22, 1862 in Montgomery Jefferson Davis was inaugurated. In 1865, the city was captured by Union troops.

In 1886, Montgomery was the first city in the United States, which created a system of trams. Montgomery City is known because in 1955 African-Americans on its territory started a boycott of public transport, to repeal segregation.

The event became known as the Montgomery Bus Boycott. In December 1955 Rosa Parks was arrested because he refused to cede her bus seat to her colleague who was white.

So began the bus boycott. Eighteen months later, the district court ruled that racially segregated buses in Montgomery was unconstitutional. Then the city was abandoned segregation an the bus boycott was stopped.

In the early twenty-first century Montgomery grew at a rapid pace. The city center was reconstructed and renovated. The territory of Montgomery has many prestigious schools and university campuses. The town hosts the famous Festival of Shakespeare in Alabama. The city houses the Museum of Fine Arts in Montgomery.



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