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Water Castle Klaffenbach

Water Castle Klaffenbach

The picturesque Water Castle Klaffenbach is located in eastern Germany, 10 kilometres from the outskirts of town Chemnitz. It is one of the finest castles in Western Europe, considered unique historical and cultural wealth.

The building was erected about the middle of the 16th century. From an architectural perspective, the most notable is the roof of the Water Castle. Thanks to its original and very rare massive building construction otherwise looks very light and dynamic. Some say that the roof of the palace resembles an inverted ship. The two arches of the castle and its curves give a specific figure of the magnificent Renaissance building.

Water Castle Klaffenbach

The Water Castle Klaffenbach has an interesting museum, several art shops, souvenir shops and two restaurants.

On two floors, the castle houses a permanent exhibition of mainly artefacts, Presenting national and international achievements in various fields of art. Inside you can see very interesting neoclassical murals, some of which are very well renovated.

The ceiling of the castle, which for centuries has been used for storage, today has become a superior room, which held small artistic events and other celebrations. The attic provides places for 160 people. There you can see the internal structure of unusual wooden roofs of the Water Castle Klaffenbach.

In the vestibule of the palace is "Little Chapel", which astonishes visitors with exquisitely painted roofs, painted in the 60s of the 19th century. The capacity is 50 people. Under the frescoes is a coffee gallery, where guests can sip on your favourite beverage in the unusual palace atmosphere.

Water Castle Klaffenbach, other than as a cultural and historical center is now used for many different events. Increasingly popular is to practice love in marriage and pledge eternal fidelity in the Water Castle Klaffenbach. The romantic atmosphere and posture of the white building create perfect conditions for this kind of events. Professional conferences, seminars and receptions are also part of the calendar of the water castle.

Furthermore, the area around Chemnitz is popular as a centre, where they develop handicraft and other arts. And in the halls of the castle are open yearly, dozens of interesting exhibitions, home to many cultural events. Around the castle there are seasonal markets.

Access fee is 3 euros, family ticket costs 7.50 euros.

Water Castle Klaffenbach you can visit every day except Monday from 11 to 5:00.

The castle is surrounded by the river Würschnitz. From there the name of the palace is actually derived. It separates the castle from nearby buildings - hotels, restaurants and galleries. Around the castle is located, an extensive golf course.



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