Braganca Castle

Braganca Castle

Braganca Castle or sometimes known as Bragantsa, is located in the northeastern part of Portugal, near Route-OS-Montes, which is one of the most wild and unexplored territory.

The Braganca palace is situated in the historic town of the same name, which to date has the medieval image of the Old City remains in perfect form. Dominating the top of a hill the castle Braganca is a massive Roman citadel, which is surrounded by firewalls which, has managed to maintain until nowadays in pretty good condition.

The panorama of the fortress, located in the mountain is indeed impressive. The Castle Braganca is something like a symbol of the freedom and unforgiving spirit of the Portuguese. For the first time this place was a fortress erected by the Celts and later the Romans reinforced and extended it.

Braganca Castle

The whole town Braganca, together with the castle on the hill was a very important strategic role somewhere before the 15th century. In 1441 Dom Joao I moves into the fortress to make it easier to exercise control in the region of Braganca. Soon his family fromBraganca became one of the most powerful and influential families. After 60 years the Spanish government in 1640 and the eighth Duke of Braganca took the throne in Portugal, after which the castle Braganca becomes the official headquarters for all further Dukes.

Domus Municipalis, located in the center of the castle dates from the 13th century and is actually the only preserved piece to this day and is an example of Roman civil works across Portugal. Nowhere else in Europe has such a meeting room, like this one in castle Braganca. In recent years, the conference hall was restored and opened for visitors, and entry fee is not paid.

The entry of the door to the church of Santa Maria, is impressive with its intricate carved granite portal, dating from the 18th century. Braganca is a starting point to the Montesinyo National Park, located on 70, 000 hectares of land in this part of Portugal.



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