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Pena National Palace

Pena National Palace

Pena National Palace is one of the Seven Wonders in Portugal. This incredible palace is considered the oldest palace of European romanticism and the law may say that it has no equivalent anywhere else in the world.

Pena National Palace is the main landmark and tourist attraction in the incredibly beautiful Portuguese town of Sintra. Some even say that Sintra town is perhaps the most picturesque town in the world! Sintra is located 30 km west of the Portuguese capital Lisbon, shortly before the old continent is to plunge into the Atlantic Ocean in the most western point - Cape of the rock.

Palace Pena and Palasu of Pena rises to the top of a wooded hill at 500 meters altitude above the town Sintra, where daylight can even be seen from the capital Lisbon. Pena is unparalleled because it is unique with its color and form of the architectural styles.

Pena Palace

The history of the Pena National Palace began in 12th century, when on the peak was built a small chapel dedicated to Our Lady of Pena. In the 15th century King Manuel I ordered the enlargement of the monastery. For centuries it was a secluded place for meditation and was inhabited by more than 18 people. In the 18th century Pena monastery was highly damaged by lightning, but the greatest damage to the monastery was provoked by the powerful earthquake in 1755.

The current Palace of Pena was erected in 1839 by Ferdinand Koburggotski who was uncle of the Bulgarian King Ferdinand. In 1838 he bought the monastery, with its properties, including the imposing ruins of the Moorish fortress and adjacent farms and forests. The King then began to design the palace of dreams on the ruins of the monastery of 16th century.

Particularly impressive is the style of the palace, which is a mix between Gothic, Romanticism and manuelin. With its media deluxe, royal chambers, amazing pictures it is considered a symbol of the Portuguese architectural art at the time of Romanticism.

The whole Pena Palace is surrounded by lush vegetation, beautiful green parks, Ivy leaves, adhering to the picturesque buildings and orange trees. Pena Castle is included in the list of World Heritage by UNESCO.



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