Aber Falls

Aber Falls

One of the most impressive sights in the mountains of Wales, is Aber Falls. It is a beautiful, huge and impressive waterfall. Aber Falls was formed in the hills at the base of the Carneddau mountain. Aber is in surrounded by the steep valley walls of the Coedydd Aber Nature Reserve. The closest location to the beautiful waterfall is Abergwyngregyn, which is located 3 kilometers north of the waterfall.

Aber Falls itself can be easily reached on foot and by car. There is a parking lot, but it is better to leave your car in the village and to walk on foot to enjoy some of the most beautiful scenery in Wales.

Aber Falls

From Abergwyngregyn, follow the path that leads to Bont Newydd and that will take you through places with thatched houses and gardens. Next, follows the wild flow of the Afon Rhaedr Fawr.

You will reach a beautiful bridge, from which the route is known as Afon Aber. Aber Falls is formed at the drop of Afon Goch, pouring over 37 m above the volcanic rocks at the foot of the mountain Carneddau. From the bridge there are two routes to Aber Falls.

One leads to the opposite side of the bridge and is easier and the other takes tourists on a shorter, but much more adventurous path. Both paths eventually meet a little further down, to continue in the general and pleasant path through the valley.

The very valley of Aber Falls is extremely valuable in geological terms, because there are many Ordovician and Cambrian rocks.

When you stand at the base of the waterfall, you will probably feel tiny before the 115 foot natural formation. Water falls with great force and countless drops break with terrible noise.

The view is truly spectacular, and once done enjoying it, take the path to the wooden bridge that takes you away from Aber. But before that, turn left to enjoy another inspiring view of the waterfall.

Going back, you will get to the parking lot at Aber Falls. If you want to leave your car here, you must pay a small fee, but in contrast, there are toilets, benches and picnic spots available.

There are daredevils, who decide to bathe in the Aber Falls, although almost throughout the year, even in summer, the water is extremely cold.



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