Huka Falls

Huka Falls along Waikato River

Huka Falls is the most beautiful and most visited attraction of the water territory of New Zealand. This country is world famous for its vast natural beauty and seems an inexhaustible resource of greenery and water bodies. The undisputed favorite among them is indeed the beautiful Huka Falls.

Huka are actually a series of cascades that are formed along the Waikato River, which is a water tank for the Lake Taupo. All the waterworks are situated within the, Wairakei Tourist Park, which is located near the town of Taupo to the north.

Huka Falls is one of the most highest and powerful waterfalls, which can be seen in New Zealand. It can also be reached easily as Huka is easily accessible, if you go through the state highway No. 1.

Plus an additional influx of many visitors to the cascades of Huka Falls is that there are excellent conditions for water rafting with rubber boats. That is why there throughout the year it is full of lovers of the extreme experience, while this has a basis for practicing the sport.

Only a few hundred meters higher than the Huka waterfall, Waikato River flows through a narrow canyon of sedimentary rocks granite which was formed 26, 500 years ago. For the convenience of visitors along the waterfall, Huka has had constructed several observation platforms, and small bridges that cross over along the picturesque river.

Its waters are incredibly beautiful and crystal clear. This feeling of cleanliness is created mostly by numerous water bubbles, formed as a result of the strong current, which give the water more bright color.

The average annual volume of water that cascades from Huka Falls is about 220, 000 liters per second. In the upper part of the natural landmark is a set of several small waterfalls that flow from a height of 8 meters.

The average annual water temperature is quite high in summer as it reaches 22 degrees, and during the winter months is around 10. However enticing the high temperatures are, it is not possible to swim along the Huka Falls because the flow is more turbulent, and therefore very dangerous.



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