Twin Falls

Twin Falls

Twin Falls is an American city, a major center for Northern Nevada and eight counties of south and central Idaho. The picturesque place where Twin Falls is located is known as the Magic Valley. Unlike many cities with small dimensions (in Dong Falls live about 42 000 people), the city offers all the amenities that are common in larger cities.

Located in southern Idaho, Twin Falls is the center of Twin Falls County and is the largest city within 100 miles. This is one reason why Twin Falls is a public and commercial center for the south central regions of Idaho and the northeast of Nevada. The village is situated on a total area of 31, 1 In recent years, an alarming trend shows that crime in Twin Falls is twice the average for Idaho.

Twin Falls

Besides local residents, in 1995 the city established a large number of refugees from Bosnia and Herzegovina and the former Soviet republics. Moreover, Twin Falls has a large Latin American colony. 6 km south of the city is an airport with daily flights connecting it to the international airport in Salt Lake City.

Twin Falls was founded in 1904 and named after the eponymous waterfall, located near the canyon of the Snake River. The biggest employer in town is a leading manufacturer of computer components and therefore a large percentage of city residents are employed in high tech. Besides these, in Twin Falls is developed the processing industry.

In 1959 archaeological excavations in the vicinity of Twin Falls proved that there once lived one of the oldest populations of North America. The first Europeans who set foot in Twin Falls came here in 1811 and 1812. It was an exploratory expedition, which, however, was marked by misfortune - the team of people died in the rapids of the Snake River during its crossing. In 1864 was built the first permanent settlement in Twin Falls.

Perched on top of the magnificent and beautiful Snake River Canyon, Twin Falls offers a wide variety of opportunities for outdoor recreation. Another plus is the mild climate - Twin Falls enjoys about 200 clear days a year. There are widely practiced outdoor activities such as golf, canoeing, alpine skiing, the city has excellent facilities for camping, hiking, rafting, water skiing, fishing and hunting.

Among the most beautiful and obligatory for visiting attractions of Twin Falls is the Shoshone waterfall. Which is formed about 8 km east of Twin Falls. It is often called the "Niagara of the West", because of its impressive size and the beauty of the broad ridge. Shoshones is 64.7 meters tall, which makes it 10.97 meters higher than Niagara Falls. The width of the comb of water in Shoshones reaches 274 meters.

City management of Twin Falls has turned the region of Shoshones into a well-developed tourist destination. Around 3 million tourists pass through the beautiful waterfall annually, where there is a wide range of recreational facilities. There are playgrounds and walking trails, landscaped picnic areas, swimming area, an area for boats and several scenic sites.



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