Antibes, French Riviera

Antibes is one of the most famous resorts of the Cote d'Azur in France or in other words the French Riviera. Antibes is located between Nice (20 km) and Cannes, which is only 12 km away. The extremely beautiful, modern and historic Antibes today brings more than 2, 000 years of history. Located on the southeastern coast of France, Antibes today offers all luxuries and advantages of being the premier resort on the Mediterranean.

Antibes easily combines its historical, recreational and proactive personas. Northeast of town, close to Cannes, the technology park is located in Sophia Antipolis, which is itself part of Antibes. This park includes several specialized schools, mainly in the field of computers, electronics, pharmacology and biotechnology.

Around the 5th century BC, it was the Greek colony of Antibes. The village is located in a very convenient location, with a natural harbor, and even then it was formed as an important commercial center. Over the centuries, different people possess the territory of Antibes, to the final imposition of power by the French. For a long time Antibes was the only large town between Marseille and Italy.

This is the only city on the coast, which is protected by fortifications, which have allowed it to retain a large part of its historic monuments from each period in history. Central among the historical monuments of Antibes today is the castle, with its bastions and firewalls that have been converted at this time. In expositions of the museum you can see collections of art, history and archeology. The castle of Antibes even has a museum of traditional crafts and culture.

Most of the historical treasures of Antibes, however, lie in the historic city center. You must get to walk in it, to feel the incredible atmosphere of this place, among the small winding streets and beautiful squares. You can not help but be fascinated by the many craft workshops, whose open doors allow tourists to look directly over the counter of the masters.

Antibes beach stretches 25 km and incorporates both public and private beaches. A total of 5 entrances to the coast - Vauban, Galice, Crouton, Olivette and Salis, allow tourists to reach the azure waves of the sea coast. Antibes has a large marina where the most expensive yachts gather. It is named Vauban and is considered the largest luxury marina in Europe.

Evening walk on the piers among the boats is a unique pleasure. In the day, one can indulge in all sorts of water sports on the beach. Be sure to spend an evening in the unique institution dedicated to absinthe. You can choose from dozens of types of drinks. It is also served in a special way - from the bottle, the liquid drips in sugar directly into the glasses of the customers.

Juan les Pins is the most exciting part of Antibes or rather the place where life is boiling at full speed. There are restaurants where you can indulge in exciting nightlife. Furthermore, there are modern and posh night clubs in Juan Les Pins. In Antibes, one is able to even indulge in shopping at night. Antibes from the beginning Century is a favorite place of many artists and celebrities. In the lovely Villa Hotel du Cap, which is now converted into a five-star hotel, has stayed Marlene Dietrich, the Duke and Duchess of Windsor, Winston Churchill, Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, who spent their honeymoon here.

In Antibes is located the Picasso Museum. This building was actually the working house of the great artist, he only came here to paint. In the Picasso Museum in Antibes you can see one of the largest collections in the world of the artist's works - 24 paintings, 44 drawings, 32 lithographs, 11 oil paintings, 80 ceramic works of art, 2 sculptures and 5 tapestries.

The paintings in the museum are unsigned, because the artist added his name only on canvases that were leaving the museum. In his workshop, the artist worked even on the wall. In the museum shop you can buy beautiful souvenirs and reproductions of Picasso. Some duplicates reach a price of 60, 000 dollars.

If you are a lover of nature, you must visit the park Exflora. These unique gardens and parks combine different styles – Roman and Mediterranean. Visitors to the park have the opportunity to walk around pleasant olive groves, lakes and fountains.

Many people have no idea that the entrance to this park in Antibes is free, so Exflora remains a calm and quiet place in the resort. You can see unique and exotic plant species everywhere, both in the Italian and English gardens. There is even an Islamic garden with beautiful orange towns and alleys made of terracotta tiles, like those of the Seville Cathedral.



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