Belfast Castle

Belfast Castle in Ireland

Belfast castle stands on the slopes of the spectacular National Park Cavehill, which is located in northern Ireland. From the height of the palace (400 feet above sea level) is an incredible view of Belfast Lake and Belfast.

Originally Belfast castle was built in the city. Today, its exact location comprises the central area of the city between High Street, Castle Place, Donegall Place. In 1611 at the same place was built a castle of stone and wood which was home to Sir Arthur Chichester - Baron of Belfast. In 1708, it was burned, and hence comes the name of so-called. palace Square.

A little later the new owners of Belfast castle and in particular, the third of the line of Dunegal decided to move to the mansion on the slopes is not Cavehill, Which then was in a hunting park for deer. The architect of the palace is lavish in his work a Scottish architectural style that was imposed three years earlier with the construction of the Balmoral Castle. The building of Belfast was completed in 1870 and goes far beyond the originally intended construction costs of £ 11 000. Dunegal so exceeded the budget that the palace almost remained unfinished.

Since the end of World War II to 1970, Belfast castle became a favorite and popular spot for weddings, dances and afternoon tea. In 1978 the building of Belfast is reconstructed and restored by the local municipal council.

Beautiful Belfast Castle

Reconstruction of the mansion was scheduled for a period of ten years and the project cost was more than two million pounds. The Architects who updated Belfast castle at that time were Hewitt and Heslam (the Hewitt and Haslam Partnership), a fully renovated castle opened for public visits on November 11, 1988.

Today Belfast castle still remains a favorite place for weddings and for future newlyweds, provides special facilities and conditions. It also regularly runs versatile conferences and meetings. Belfast has a very rich collection of antiques and an excellent restaurant.



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