Stormont Parliament in Belfast

From 1921 Belfast became the capital of Northern Ireland, the largest city in the country and second largest in Ireland. Here is the most important and major airport in Northern Ireland. Belfast is the main city of the province of Ulster.

The city has a unique spirit, made up of historical and cultural attractions and the graffiti, which are popular street art, about the past and ongoing conflicts between Protestants and Catholics, also called the unionists and nationalists.

Today Farset River is hidden underground below the High Street and Bridge Street. Bridge Street indicates that there was a bridge over the winding river. Belfast can be found on the southeastern end of Lake Belfast - Lough, which is an enjoyable way to visit and walk around the area.

Belfast Castle

Human activity in Belfast began in the Bronze Age, but on the hills you can still see remains of fortifications dating from the Iron Age.

During the 17th century, the town grew considerably, and in subsequent centuries, Belfast became a thriving commercial and industrial centre. This is mainly due to the port, which is a unique combination of high hills, a bay and river valley.

Today Belfast invariably bears the stamp of turbulent political, religious and social events of this and the last century. This does not prevent the largest city of Northern Ireland to be an enjoyable and interesting place to visit. Much of downtown Belfast was transformed into a pedestrian zone with lots of benches, where one can sit and listen to street musicians.

A significant part of the buildings were built in the Victorian and Edwardian styles. Sometimes you can see from the very facade of the building, heads of kings, queens, mythological creatures, gods and famous poets.

Belfast City Hall

Tremendous changes have occurred in recent years the famous Victoria Square, which is the main part for shopping, entertainment and residential area.

After many years of repairs and restoration Victoria Square was officially opened on March 6th, 2008 and today is one of the places in Belfast that has been kept to a very high standard. Here you can see a giant glass dome, 35 meters wide in diameter.

Among the historical landmarks in Victoria Square is Jaffe Fountain, constructed in 1870. Here there is a huge shopping mall with many shops, cafes and entertainment venues. Custom House Square is even has a major outdoor seating area, where regular performances and public appearances are held.

Especially remarkable is City Hall, which was built in the Edwardian style. Soon it is expected to be completed and will be the highest building in the city. This skyscraper will dominate the panorama of Belfast with its 108 m height and 37 floors.

Be sure to visit the Botanic Gardens in, which were built back in 1830. After the death of Princess Diana it was reshaped into a fabulously beautiful garden and park in her honor. On Cavehill, which overlooks Belfast, you can visit the historic castle, which is one of the favorite places of the locals, for party and wedding ceremonies.

Another place of interest for visitors is the Irish Parliament building Stormont, located on the outskirts of the city.



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