Elowah Falls

Elowah Falls

Elowah Falls is one of the magnificent and unique natural beauties which must be seen in the U.S. state of Oregon.

Elowah Falls is impressive with its height of 280 feet around the water drop. It is located within the National Park of John B, also known as John B. Yeon State Scenic Corridor. As a majestic natural phenomenon it was formed at the eastern end, where the gorge of the Columbia River begins.

Elowah Falls

The park is only 37 miles east of Portland. The area of the gorge includes several smaller waterfalls. The view of the very waterfall is really fascinating - the river McCord Creek finishes quite quickly, forming the Elowah Falls, which flow into the tiers formed by the magmatic rocks around the gorge of the river Columbia.

The transition to the waterfall itself is quite simple, it is located near the main road that passes near the national park.

When you get off the main road near the gorge you should stick to the road on the left of the first intersection. Then the next junction which is about 2 miles, turn left again. This route leads to a beautiful bridge that was built over the River McCord, opposite the main water drop of Elowah Falls.

The view from the bridge to the 289 feet headlong watercourse is really something that can not be described in words. However visitors only watch from the bridge because the water that drops from the waterfall have made the bridge wet and slick.

If you decide to take an alternative route from the second junction on the route to the waterfall you will get to the other main observational platform of the natural landmark located at the very top of the fir. From there it also shows the detailed view of this waterfall in Oregon.



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