Tours of Iceland's natural attractions include mandatory lovely waterfalls, which are here many and are among the most beautiful o our planet. Besides the impressive Dettifoss, very close is the lovely Selfoss Waterfall.

Selfoss waterfall is one of three large and beautiful fountains of the river Jokulsa. The whole area around it is protected under the eponymous national park. Selfoss was formed about a kilometer south of the mighty waterfall Dettifoss.


Both waterfalls fall within North Iceland. Selfoss was formed about 30 km before the river flows into Öxarfjörður, the Gulf of the Arctic Sea.

Selfoss is a waterfall with a wide crest. Its height varies between 8 and 14 meters, its average height is 10 m. Falling water and spray of this landmark of Iceland is seen quite well from the edge of the canyon on the way to Dettifoss, which is considered the most powerful waterfall in Europe.

The river originates from the melting ice of the glacier Vatnajökull and therefore the water flow Selfoss varies depending on season, weather and volcanic activity in the area.

The whole Selfoss crest has a width about 40 meters, and water flows into a water bed with a width of about 100 meters. Then bed and waters of the river Jokulsa flow through a beautiful and wondrous gorge, which is part of the Jökulsárgljúfur National Park.

The handsome Selfoss is one of the most special landscapes of Iceland, which must be seen. It is assumed that the name comes from a farm, which formerly operated here, but is now abandoned. Some locals recognize Selfoss waterfall as Willard waterfall, after the name of Willard Fiske.



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