World's Most Beautiful Rivers

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Most beautiful rivers,  -  Mosel River

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Mosel River is popular with the many castles that line up, like beads along both sides of the river. Mosel is a major tributary of the Rhine.
Most beautiful rivers,  -  Lewis River

Lewis River

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Lewis River and its canyon are located in the southern part of the park, the territory of Wyoming, which borders the eastern foothills of the Rocky Mountains.
:Lewis RiverRiver LewisLewis Falls
Most beautiful rivers,  -  Pegnitz river

Pegnitz river

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Pegnitz River outlines the beautiful silhouettes of the old town of Nuremberg. Pegnitz stems from its source in the eponymous city in Germany, situated at an altitude of 425 meters.
:Pegnitz RiverPegnitz River GermanyPegnitz River Nuremberg
Most beautiful rivers,  -  River Volga

River Volga

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Russians call the River Volga, Mother Volga. Volga is an absolute record of the old continent with its 3700 km length, and furthermore it is the main unit of the largest river system in Europe.
:Volga RiverVolgaVolga River Russia
Most beautiful rivers,  -  Yodo River

Yodo River

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Yodo river is born from the merger of rivers Kamo, Seta River and Kizu River south of Kyoto. At the mouth of beautiful Yodo River was built the Japans city of Osaka.
:OsakaYodo RiverYodo River Japan
Most beautiful rivers,  -  Main River

Main River

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River Main is one of the largest in Germany. The length of the Main River is estimated at 524 km, and if added to it and the length of White Main the length in kilometers is able to reach 574 km.
:River MainMain RiverRiver Main Germany
Most beautiful rivers,  -  Desna River

Desna River

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Desna River is the largest tributary of the Dnieper River. Desna joins the larger river from the left, about 6 km before the Ukrainian capital Kiev.
:KievDesna RiverDesna River Ukraine
Most beautiful rivers,  -  Alsek River

Alsek River

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Alsek River is located in Canada. It is glacial, and leaves the Yukon in northern British Columbia and Alaska. Alsek is a protected area within the Kluane National Park.
:AlaskaAlsek RiverAlsek
Most beautiful rivers,  -  Havel River

Havel River

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Havel River is a tributary of the Elbe. The name of the river Havel in Latin and Greek sources are recorded as Habola, Habula, Havela.
:Havel RiverHavel River GermanyHavel River facts
Lakes and Waterfalls
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