Colorado River

Colorado River Canyon

Colorado River has its flow in the southwestern part of the United States and in the northwest of Mexico. The length of Colorado river is about 2330 km, as it emerges within the lake in northern the Colorado, Rockies in the U.S. Gulf of California and the territory of Mexico. The long and rich natural course of the Colorado River passes through seven U.S. states plus two in Mexico.

The total catchment area of Colorado River is 629 100 sq. km area. One of the most unique landscapes in the world was formed along the River within the boundaries of Arizona, the Grand Canyon. It extends about 350 km long and is a natural emblem of the United States.

The world there, is no such river as the Colorado, which is all very deep in the earth layers, as a result of which formed a uniquely beautiful natural area, named the canyon of the Colorado River . Canyon of the Colorado River is a narrow, deep river valley, which can rightly be called one of the natural wonders of the world. This panorama is more than impressive.

In addition to this area of the Colorado River it is very rich and attractive to scientists and specialists who study the history of Earth. The Grand Canyon is a deep section of part of the crust, which is a practice of the geomorphological Encyclopedia of mortality and development of the crust.

Colorado River

As the nature and location of the individual earth layers are arranged in a horizontal line, the researchers judged the time of their formation, but their composition and remnants of fossils - for life on Earth were in the past eras and epochs. This rich natural area of the Colorado River is a cause to build a large geological institute. It is constantly being surveyed on the research on the history of our planet and of the force of water on the earth layers.

The area of the Grand Canyon on the Colorado River for centuries was there, long before the arrival of Europeans in the American continent was inhabited by Indians. They are the indigenous inhabitants of the basin of Colorado today. In 1521 Spanish Captain, Lopez, became the first who discovered this magnificent river valley, and named it with the name "Grand Canyon".

From the 16th century until the second half of the 19th century, the canyon of the Colorado River had not been engaged in any research, which in turn causes many legends, myths and intriguing stories related to it.

The first research began there in 1869 by the American scholar, John Powell who traveled by boat to the Canyon of Colorado and gave the first scientific information about it.

Canyon of the Colorado River was declared a national park in 1913. Even today this unique place in nature is one of the most visited places in the U.S.. Approximately 1 million tourists from around the world visit the canyon of Colorado every year.



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