Austin, Texas

Austin is the capital of Texas, USA. The city is famous for its attractive musical events. Locals and guests fo Austin define it as the place where talent meets opportunity and is transformed into beautiful rhythms, which won it fame as the music capital of the world. Visitors say that 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, the city's popular singer Nelly constantly holds events with live music.

"Strangeness" is one of the qualities of the city, understood and absorbed by the residents of Austin, whose slogan is "be extraordinary! ". The slogan is adopted by both the artistic natures of the Texas city and the local entrepreneurs. The slogan has been turned into a brand of the city, printed on most T-shirts and souvenirs that tourists take home from there.

And if we add to this the fascinating natural attractions, scenic hills and sparkling rivers, you can safely say that Austin is among the most popular places for entertainment and recreation in the United States. Recently, two prestigious publications identified the Texas city as "one of the best places to live" and "the greenest city in the U.S.". Residents of Austin also received high marks from media and other organizations.

Among the most beautiful buildings of the city is the Texas State Capitol, which houses the seat of government of Texas and Austin City Hall. The place where the city government sits, is attractive for many public events - protests, concerts, etc. It is interesting that the Hall was only built from recycled materials and is powered by solar panels.

Austin Congress Bridge

The architectural masterpiece of The Austonian, at 208 meters high is simply amazing. The building is among the highest in Texas. However, the urban landscape of Austin is not full of super tall buildings, as most would assume. On the contrary - skyscrapers are not very common, and their heights are not among the most impressive. In Downtown are many local business corporations. Among the most interesting buildings are the Austin 360 Condominiums Tower and Four Seasons Condos, which rise around Lady Bird Lake, created by local engineers. The water basin is considered one of the détente places in town.

In March, in Austin is held one of the largest festivals with 2000 participating artists. In February, it holds another magnificent event - Carnival Brazilieiro. Favorite location for organizing artistic festivals is Zilker Metropolitan Park, located around Lady Bird Lake. Another attractive place for music lovers is the 6th Street, which contains much of the local night clubs with live music.

The ambiance is flavored with delicious temptations that local cuisine offers. Among the most recommended are called Tex-Mex restaurants, which serve delicious barbeque.

In Austin is one of the most popular universities in the U.S. - the University of Texas. It is its students who build the image of Austin as a highly developed city, especially in scientific and technical terms.

The city population is approximately 800 000 people. Austin was founded in 1830 around the Colorado River and is named after the 'father of Texas "- Stephen F. Austin.

South of Austin is another attractive town Texas - Dallas.



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