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Lichtenstein castle in Austria

Lichtenstein castle in Austria

Lichtenstein castle is one of the most remarkable medieval fortified buildings throughout Austria. It is situated in the outskirts of the picturesque and extensive Vienna woods, just near the small town - Maria Enzersdorf, which is situated in the east of the country.

In literal translation of the name of the ancient palace means "white stone", but actually it comes from the eponymous famous aristocratic family, whose property was the palace. Today, Liechtenstein is one of the smallest countries in Europe.

Lichtenstein castle in Austria

This Lichtenstein castle is saturated with an interesting story and is an ideal rest bite if you are traveling west from eastern Europe. Castle Liechtenstein is small and it will take you no more than hour to look around it. After enjoying the tour you can sit in the small unassuming restaurant that is located next to the medieval monument and gaze at the castle against the beautiful natural landscape.

The story of the Austrian castle of Liechtenstein began in 1135. It is believed that the mansion was erected by the founder who was from the Family of Liechtenstein - Hugo von Liechtenstein.

The original building there was small and consisted of a stone tower and chapel which was erected in honor of St. Pankratiy. The first written evidence of the fortified building in this part of the Austrian forest dates back to 1330 when it was referred to as the home to Liechtenstein.

Later the castle was constantly expanded with new defense facilities and residential buildings. Construction materials for the aristocratic building came from a stone that was worn by the nearby quarries at St. Margareten. It is the stone that originates Liechtenstein – it was pale, almost white stone.

For centuries, the family were close associates of the Habsburgs, whose backgrounds are mostly elected rulers of the Holy Roman Empire. They gave their land as feudal estates in Moravia, Silesia, Styria and Lower Austria, where the castle of Liechtenstein is located.

The castle repeatedly changed owners. At different times it was home to, family Khevenhüller, themselves the Habsburgs family and even the Hungarian king - Mátyás Corvinus. Later the fort again became the property of the family of Liechtenstein.

In 1890-1903, saw the total reconstruction of the castle. After 1975 the castle of Liechtenstein was owned by local authorities, who till today operate under a lease.



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