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Devin Castle in Bratislava

Devin Castle

Devin castle in Bratislava is a typical stronghold - big, massive and located on a hill. Devin castle is one of the largest historical values across Slovakia.

The medieval castle Devin is located where the Morava River flows into the Danube. Devin castle is located about 10 kilometers from Bratislava on the Danube. Today, the over inaccessible rocks rise up its ruins.

The relatively well preserved fortifications of the large Devin dominate the surrounding area, which is a suburb of the Slovak capital Bratislava. On the opposite bank of the river remains the Austrian state.

Devin Castle in Bratislava

The mere suburb of Devin boasts a beautiful and clean environment. This is largely due to the fact that before 1989 one could only enter there with a special permit.

The nature around the castle Devin is actually pretty unique. It comprises of valuable plants and ancient trees giving a rich deep appearance of Devin. The houses are small and everything is very well preserved, maintained and peaceful.

The first written evidence for the fortification of this place dates back 864 years. However, there are still comments that Devin castle was built later as a fortress for the kings of Hungary.

The strategic hill overlooking the river gives an important feature of Devin over the centuries - it must keep the territory against attacks from the West, as well as overseeing a river.

After the fall of the Great, the castle Devin had become an important strategic stronghold of the Hungarian Kingdom. Since 1965 archaeological investigations were carried out in the castle.

Ancient ruins have been partially reconstructed thanks to the Municipal Museum in Bratislava. Today Devin can be visited daily until 17:00 hours. Often the medieval walls are the background of various events and activities.

If you decide to visit Devin in the summer months and to stay overnight in the suburbs, do not forget to take protective mosquito sprays.



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