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Vaduz Castle in Liechtenstein

Vaduz Castle in Liechtenstein

Vaduz Castle is located in the eponymous capital of Liechtenstein. This beautiful palace is perched picturesquely on a hill which dominates the entire city. From anywhere in the capital of Liechtenstein is a beautiful view of this medieval fortress. The castle Vaduz, which is famous throughout the city can reached by a pleasant and romantic walk along the path.

Unfortunately the Vaduz Castle today is not open for public visits. Ever since in 1938 it became the residence of the royal family and in particular the Prince of Liechtenstein, so since has not open to the public. Indeed Vaduz opens its doors annually for nationals of the Principality.

Day visits to public Vaduz Castle is August 15th, which is the national holiday of Liechtenstein. On this day, even guests of the city and country have a chance not only to engage in the urban gladness, but to see the palace. In the private collection of the prince you can see an impressive collection of paintings by Rubens and the wine cellars.

In the cellars of the castle the guests of Vaduz Castle have a wide choice for tasting and purchasing from 300 selected European wines. On the day of intake, however, the main drink potions are derived from local vineyards on the banks of the Rhine. Festive evening of August 15th ends with a magnificent fireworks celebration, beautifully illuminating the entire city in a variety of bright colors.

Vaduz Castle

The Vaduz Castle was built on a steep hill in the 12th century. The oldest parts of the fortress are located on the east side and even at that time around fifteen meters high observation towers, and massive defensive walls with thickness that reaches up to 4-5 meters were built.

In 1499 the castle Vaduz was destroyed by the Swiss. In 1712 the palace was owned by the family of Liechtenstein. The castle underwent a major restoration between 1905 and 1920 during the reign of Prince Johann II, and later extended again in early 1930 by Prince Franz.



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